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Enterprise Data Analytics Pipeline and Discovery Platform by Datameer

Empower Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists to easily access, transform, enrich, blend, and analyze all of their enterprise data
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AI for BI for Sales Team Management by Wipro

Transforming decision making for sales leaders using ThoughtSpot

AI-Powered Voice Analytics by Axis Group

With ThoughtSpot’s search and AI-driven analytics platform and VoiceBase’s Enterprise Accelerator, businesses can now tap into the full power of their voice data to gain knowledge across all of their call recordings like never before.
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Analytic Process Automation Platform by Alteryx

260+ automation building blocks to unify analytics, code-free data science, AI/ML, and process automation in one self-service platform
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Applied Intelligence Platform by Accenture

Establish an analytics capability by provisioning the Applied Intelligence Platform (AIP) environment and enable clients to solve a specific business problems by delivering insights that lead to actionable outcomes.
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BusinessObjects Connector by Analytics8

Connect ThoughtSpot to your SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer using UniverseBridge
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Chatbot Integration by Cognizant

Chatbot enables users to interact seamlessly and effectively with ThoughtSpot
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CHRO Goes Digital by Orient Technologies

CHROs will now have a single pane of glass across the entire organization.
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Customer 360 by Snowflake

Unlock the retail sales data stored in your Snowflake Data Cloud with ThoughtSpot. Provide easy access to everyone in your organization for granular insights into product sales and customer demographics.

Customer Analytics for Banking by Locus Solutions

Locus Solutions Customer Analytics for Banking provides a 360-degree view of a customer’s profitability, risk, propensity to buy and an organizational awareness of what is driving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Journey Insights by BitBang SRL

Leveraging automated imports of all clickstream and online behaviour data, BitBang SRL provides a 360° view of the customer experience and real-time actionable insights to drive business decisions.
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Digital Improvements GHMB

Our DI HR Analytics solution consists of four streams which address the pain points of HR today and are aligned with the top priorities of HR leaders. Empower your organization with new insights from search-driven analytics and automated machine learning.
All Industries

Embedded Insights by Theia

Theia is an Enterprise Analytics Hub, Centrally Managing Content from any Dashboarding, Visualization or Reporting Solution in a Single, Unified Platform.
All Industries

End-to-end Integrated Data Solution by TribolaTech Inc

Seamlessly integrated source to visualization solution with minimal touchpoints to accelerate the adoption and Return on Investment (ROI) on ThoughtSpot implementations.
Life Sciences

Hospital Readmissions Reduction by Axis Group

Discover sources of hospital readmissions to make strategic, targeted decisions to deploy resources and design interventions to eliminate avoidable readmissions.
All Industries

Intelligent Customer Engagement by Accenture

Help your clients implement an AI-powered, enterprise-wide solution to satisfy customers, differentiate competitively, and drive new growth at a lower cost structure.

IOT Insights by Snowflake

Unlock the IOT data stored in your Snowflake Data Cloud with ThoughtSpot. Provide easy access to everyone in your organization to gain granular insights, using a sample Citibike data set of bike rentals in NYC. Gain insights into rental patterns, popularity, and even weather data (originally in JSON) matched to the rental time.
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Matillion ETL by Matillion

Matillion makes the world’s data useful with an easy-to-use, cloud-native data integration and transformation platform. Optimized for modern enterprise data teams, only Matillion ETL is built on native integrations to cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure Synapse to enable new levels of efficiency and productivity across any organization.
Field Operations

Meter Deployment Insights by SME

Achieve faster and deeper insights into your meter network data from SME’s solution for monitoring and analyzing energy, utility, and IoT data. Users of any data skill level can search and drill into their data, create new visualizations on the fly, and get immediate and actionable insights.

Opioid Prescribing Risk Management by Axis Group

Changing Prescribing Behavior with Data-Driven Dialogue

Procurement 360 by Snowflake

Unlock the supply chain and procurement data stored in your Snowflake Data Cloud with ThoughtSpot. Provide easy access to everyone in your organization to gain granular insights into supplier spend, cost management, performance and quality.
All Industries

Qlik to ThoughtSpot Data Converter by Innovoco

The Qlik to ThoughtSpot Data Converter from Innovoco enables an enterprise to natively use their Qlik data model within ThoughtSpot.

Retail Measurement Services by Nielsen

Access your Nielsen data through an intuitive search bar, eliminating the reporting backlog and freeing up data experts for more complex and demanding requests.

Retail Sales Data Analytics by IODATA

IODATA helps customers in the retail industry analyze all of their product sales data, combining sales receipt information, customer interactions, and data from other online and third party sources. All of this data helps to build a full picture of all relevant areas of the business and required actions.
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SAP Connectivity for ThoughtSpot by DI SQUARED

Allows direct connection between SAP and ThoughtSpot. SAP Systems can push data directly into ThoughtSpot’s server and make it available in Worksheets or Pinboards rapidly.
All Industries

SAP Procurement for ThoughtSpot by Evaco

Easily extract and transform SAP MM data into data models optimized for ThoughtSpot. Deploy standardized Procurement KPIs and Metrics throughout your organization.

SAP Sales Explorer for ThoughtSpot by Evaco

Easily extract and transform SAP SD data into data models optimized for ThoughtSpot and deploy standardized Sales KPIs and metrics throughout your sales organization.

Search & AI-Driven Empowered Legal Services by Assimil8

Assimil8 enables legal services professionals with data-driven decision making to support stronger business strategies, reduced risk and the delivery of better legal services.
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Scalable Self-Service Ingest for ThoughtSpot. Any user, Any Data.

Sourcing Analytics by Axis Group

Unlock your supply chain sourcing data and identify cost savings using ThoughtSpot.
All Industries

Visibility and Control of Cellular Data Generated by IoT Devices

Deliver IoT data at cloud scale providing valuable analytics and insights for both cellular network data usage and IoT business data
All Industries

Platinum by Cognizant

Platinum is a Cognizant proprietary software framework which has various modules and utilities for information value management.
All Industries

Applied Intelligence by Accenture

Our Applied Intelligence services help clients move from aspiration to action, delivering upon an end-to-end vision for AI-powered data, analytics and automation transformation at speed and scale.
All Industries

Talend Cloud by Talend

Get value out of your data, applications, and APIs faster than ever with a highly secure and scalable Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).