Search your
cloud data in a
whole new way

Create and discover insights with
consumer-friendly search for data.

Search Data

Now anyone can create new insights at the speed of thought

Search Data lets you use natural language query (NLQ) to create a new insight without knowing any SQL or table relations.

Analyze billions of rows in your cloud data warehouse at sub-second speed

Get the most granular insights to your questions to accelerate time to action.

Easily execute
complex queries
at scale

Intelligent query generation that allows anyone to search across complex schemas using natural language, all with 100% accurate results.

Teach your teams how to search on company data

Search Assist’s automated, in-context coaching guides make it easy to learn how to use search to analyze your business data.

Search Answers

Find the best insights from across your organization

With Search Answers, users can search the entirety of existing content created by users across their organization in natural language.

Get relevant
personalized insights

Instantly get results from your catalog of analytical content that are both relevant and trustworthy for data-driven decisions.

Understand the facts
behind every answer

Answer Explainer allows anyone to view lineage and data catalog details to learn how answers were created.

Your data gets social with collective intelligence

People Profiles let you uncover experts and their insights powered by a new social graph.

Get clarity into search behavior and user adoption

Analysts and admins will love Query Analytics pinboard to track query-level performance metrics like:

  • Top searches and trends

  • Power users and usage metrics

  • Poor performing user queries

  • Adoption and consumption trends

“Speed and scale matter. ThoughtSpot is designed for search from the bottom-up, rather than a BI solution with search bolted on top.”
Paoul FrenchDirector of BILogo
“Search is a powerful capability, so bringing that to a practitioner world where you can get insight from data is key.”
Partha VuppalapatyDirector of Data ProductsLogo
Logo “ThoughtSpot offered the skill and speed and the user experience, which is so different. Everything else feels like a BI tool, but ThoughtSpot feels like a regular search experience like you would expect from Google or Amazon.”
Sandeep TilakBI ManagerLogo
“ThoughtSpot addresses a critical gap in our enterprise architecture, which is search intelligence.”
Partha VuppalapatyDirector of Data ProductsLogo
Logo “ThoughtSpot enables us to get the most granular data into the hands of our users. It brings much needed search capabilities to our business data, Searching for your YTD sales can be equivalent of searching for the score of your favorite sports team”
Internal Consultant in BiotechnologyLogo

Powered by SearchIQ is the world’s
smartest search engine for analytics


Machine learning algorithm powered by usage behavior, security rules, and the characteristics of your data and metadata to rank and increase the relevancy of results.

Intelligent Search Index

Indexes your raw data values and schema for a deep understanding of your data model to allow for easy, granular end-user search.

Query Engine

Purpose-built for search on relational data, our query engine understands complex table structures automatically over billions of rows.


ThoughtSpot’s industry leading in-memory calculation engine is certified to run on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.

Query Visualizer

Explains how your search terms were transformed into executable SQL, and joins were applied automatically.

Guided Search Suggestions

Relevant, schema-aware search suggestions based on each character you type.

Go from zero to search in minutes

Automate worksheet creation and data modeling for search to get up and running fast.

Extend the power of Search to everyone, everywhere

Learn how you can embed search-driven analytics in your data app with ThoughtSpot Everywhere.

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