Make your data
more meaningful

Create governed, reusable, and
logical data models that empower
everyone to intuitively create insights
with live analytics.

Optimize your search experience with worksheets

Define a lightweight and intuitive semantic model complete with business logic.

Combine data

Join columns from disparate data sets to create a single, easy-to-use view.

Add calculated metrics

Derive new logical columns without impacting the base tables.

Define synonyms

Make a column easier to find when users search with different terms.

Filter data

Build in filter rules to give users a subset of data to search.

Govern and secure

Ensure the right people have the right access to the right data, always.

Share and collaborate

Extend your model collaboratively, while ensuring trusted and consistent answers.

Go from zero to search in minutes

Automate your worksheet model creation to get up and running fast.

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Automatically generate a scriptable model in ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML)

Programmatically control your data models with an open and scriptable language.

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Build searchable data views with custom SQL

Optionally execute your own SQL to generate a model from your result set.

Seamlessly integrate your dbt models

Simply connect and start searching on your dbt-curated data.

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Getting started is easy