Easily extract and transform SAP SD data into data models optimized for ThoughtSpot and deploy standardized Sales KPIs and metrics throughout your sales organization.

Application Name:

SAP Sales Explorer for ThoughtSpot by Evaco

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  • Various connectivity options to extract data from SAP SD
  • Fast and flexible options in building the necessary data model
  • Ready to use TQL scripts
  • Utilization of predefined Pinboards (ThoughtSpot >5.3)
  • Set of commonly used KPIs* and metrics*, such as
    • New Leads/Opportunities
    • Client Acquisition Rates
    • Sales Volume by Location
    • Competitor Pricing
    • Existing Client Engagement
    • Sales Target(s)
    • Upsell/Cross-Sell Rates
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • System Touches
    • Sales Cycle Length

*KPIs and Metrics are customizable and can be replaced or added. The above are commonly used examples only.


Fast and easy implementation that delivers actionable results within a few days.

How It Works

The EVACO SAP Sales Explorer for ThoughtSpot is based on pre-configured components, following the idea of templates. SAP SD as a source system, as well as additional sources, can be connected via data exports, Xtract Universal or Discovery Hub.

The solution does not require any additional or otherwise special hardware and fully integrates in your ThoughtSpot environment. The EVACO SAP Sales Explorer for ThoughtSpot contains ready-to-use TQL scripts and beginning with ThoughtSpot 5.3 it is possible to use already existing predefined Pinboards too.