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What if your scientists could analyze drug
results in seconds?

With ThoughtSpot, anyone can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source - from biometrics, to hospital inventory levels, patient results, even health sensors - in seconds.

Example Search #1: Total Readmitted Last 30 Days

Example Search #2: Patient Count by Specialty

Example Search #3: Total Revenue by Brand

Now everyone can make smarter decisions to improve patient care.

Whether you’re a doctor, lab technician, hospital operations manager, or pharmaceutical sales rep, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot. Below are a few use cases by role.

Pharmaceutical Reps

Increase sales with instant access to physician data and patient outcomes for better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Hospital Managers

Maximize efficiency by analyzing staffing levels, patient turnover and hospital wait times, reducing costs and improving the patient experience.

Scientists & Researchers

Speed up drug discovery with the ability to analyze clinical trial results and historical genomics data, decreasing the time to market for life saving drugs.

"Our scientists can now search instantly across trial results and identify outliers in minutes rather than months."


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