Securely govern your
data for self-service
at scale

Enterprise-grade data governance, security, and compliance built for the cloud.

Give your users the access they want with the control you need

Granular user access and controls fold seamlessly into your corporate policies and workflows.

The power of search & AI at

ThoughtSpot’s industry leading in-memory calculation engine is certified to run on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.

Easily scale as your data
volumes and usage grow

Stand up additional compute nodes in your ThoughtSpot cluster instantly as your needs grow, or decrease your capacity when you no longer need it.

Choose from a variety of
instance types

Efficiently adhere to your organizational and compliance standards with secure and flexible access controls.

  • SAML-based SSO

  • Multi-factor authentication enforcement

  • Automated session timeouts

  • IP whitelisting

Modern cloud data
governance at scale

Granular controls to give you the security and visibility
you need without impeding your collaboration and
sharing workflows.

data governance

Build once implement everywhere. ThoughtSpot natively inherits passthrough security, and certified master data assets from your cloud data warehouse.

Control at a
granular level

Manage, and enforce how your data is used by anyone across your organization with enterprise-grade row-, column-, and object-level security.

Finally, a single
version of the truth

No data movement - ever. Natural Language Queries (NLQ) are performed live, in-database, ensuring your golden records, stay golden.

Trusted answers and
real-time insights

No more inconstant answers or stale data. Centralized calculation and formulas ensure consistency, while Search Answers gives users the latest and greatest answers.

Data lineage
and auditability

Gain complete end-to-end visibility at the calculation, table, column, and query level, and know who’s changing what with comprehensive audit logs.

Search and AI

See and understand how NLQ and AI-driven insights are translated into SQL with visuals showing how each answer was generated.

Secure by design

The safety of your data comes first,
which is why we’ve engineered our
cloud services to ensure that your data
is secure at all times.

  • System security and availability

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Incident response

  • Tenant Isolation

  • Container security

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection

  • Web application firewall (WAF)

  • Intrusion detection and prevention

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Privacy and Compliance

Rigorously audited by independent third-party companies
and government bodies to prove that we comply with various
global and regional standards.