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Discover sources of hospital readmissions to make strategic, targeted decisions to deploy resources and design interventions to eliminate avoidable readmissions.

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Hospital Readmissions Reduction by Axis Group

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Our solution provides your stakeholders with industry-accepted KPIs to monitor readmissions across your organization and trend over time.

It also enables you to take a deep-dive into your data in areas such as hospital service, DRG, length of stay and days before readmission, discharge disposition and patient profile, and gain insight into your top sources of readmissions specific to your organization. This includes sources associated with the index hospital encounter, post-discharge follow-up care and the readmission encounter


All acute care providers strive to reduce their number of readmissions as a way of improving clinical care and reducing the financial penalty. The causes of readmissions are complex and interventions can be implemented at multiple points in the care process.

Because readmissions have multiple, complex causes and designing the right, targeted intervention with limited resources is challenging without the right data-driven approach. Benefits of our solution include:

  • Automating data feed to ensure timely data from multiple sources is provided to key stakeholders, such as medical leadership and case management in a single, cohesive view
  • Providing data from a broad range of areas, such as clinical, ADT and outpatient and across locations to pinpoint top sources of readmission to designing strategic, targeted interventions.

How It Works

Axis will conduct a four-week design and discovery engagement to interview key stakeholders and conduct a deep dive into data source systems to customize our standard solution to your organization’s specific needs

  • Data discovery to evaluate source system data for quality and completeness
  • Develop and validate personas and detailed user stories
  • Update and validate standard solution to ensure it meets the specific needs of your organization
  • Provide training and support