meet Operations

Operationalize insights from ThoughtSpot for the business apps you know and use every day

Close the loop from data
to insight to action

Automate your customer data workflows
faster than ever.

Bring data into new apps
quickly and easily

Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and other teams use apps all the time to manage their businesses. Rather than building and maintaining integrations, connect directly with ThoughtSpot Sync.

Data teams

No scripts. No APIs.
Just business outcomes

Automatically publish SQL & dbt models from your warehouse without coding, deciphering external APIs, or maintaining custom scripts.

Business teams

Take action on your data from the
apps your teams love

Send data where your business team needs it.
Google Sheets, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.


Build hyper-targeted segments in seconds and sync with ad platforms to improve conversion


Automate custom lead scoring models, and product usage into your Sales apps

Customer Success

Improve customer adoption and engagement with personalized offer

Visibility & Control

Clear insight into what automations are running and details to resolve any errors. Get data from your cloud data warehouse to the business faster than ever.

Get data from your cloud data warehouse
to the business faster than ever