Create truly interactive pinboards to drill anywhere

Search & AI make it easy for anyone to create charts, build reports, and answer “the next question” in seconds.

Get automatic visualizations

Take the guesswork out of building charts and give every business user the ability and confidence to build their own interactive visualizations.

Drill anywhere into granular details – fast

Easily go from high-level analytics to granular insights instantly without the need for pre-defining drill paths.

Let AI be your
insight explorer

Intelligent query generation that allows anyone to search across complex schemas using natural language, all with 100% accurate results.

Customize your

Pick from dozens of chart types and use advanced chart configuration to group axis, add labels, and get your data story just the way you want it.

Pin insights to start
creating your data story

Collect, then rearrange your charts and tables with drag-and-drop ease to create live dashboards that can be
shared easily.

Share insights easily

Get one-click sharing of charts, pinboards and data models with any group or user in the company.

Personalize your pinboard with ease

Drag, resize, and rearrange your charts into a dynamic data storyboard.

Present your story on the big screen

Switch ThoughtSpot to Presentation mode to tell your story in an interactive way – drill intro granular details, explore and bring the power of data to everyone in the room.

Getting Started is Easy

Go from zero to search in minutes