Our DI HR Analytics solution consists of four streams which address the pain points of HR today and are aligned with the top priorities of HR leaders. Empower your organization with new insights from search-driven analytics and automated machine learning.

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DI HR Analytics
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DI HR Analytics includes specific features to help you find and retain the best talent and optimize performance. Features are centred around four key areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Talent Analytics
  • Performance Management


  • Recruitment: Find the best talent efficiently and effectively and minimize personal bias in the process
  • Retention: Decrease employee churn by identifying strong indicators that predict employees are at risk of leaving
  • Talent analytics: Identify the characteristics of top performers to better select, attract and retain these employees
  • Performance Management: Increase transparency, fairness and trust by making performance data more easily available

How it Works

DI HR Analytics helps organizations bring together the capabilities of ThoughtSpot and DataRobot to find new insights within their data and make predictions about employee behaviour and performance. This involves establishing an interface between ThoughtSpot and DataRobot.

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