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Access your Nielsen data through an intuitive search bar, eliminating the reporting backlog and freeing up data experts for more complex and demanding requests.

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Retail Measurement Services by Nielsen

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ThoughtSpot’s integration with Nielsen Retail Management Services (RMS) let business people use search to easily uncover valuable retail and CPG insights to improve manufacturing, marketing, and sales decisions.The combined solution lets users:

  • Use an easy Google-like search experience to analyze complex Nielsen
  • Freely ask questions on point-of-sales data at any level, from summarized market / category data, down to the most granular SKU-level detail
  • Quickly find insights into sales performance, distribution, and merchandising strategy, all at the speed of thought


  • True ad-hoc self-service analytics on Nielsen data that’s as easy as any consumer app
  • Eliminate the reporting backlog and free up data experts for more strategic tasks
  • Augment user queries with relevant automated insights to uncover trends and anomalies that might otherwise be overlooked
  • Granular insights on massive amounts of data – perform SKU-level analysis, basket analysis, without the need for predefined aggregates, drill paths or additional modeling

How It Works

ThoughtSpot can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. The solution indexes Nielsen RMS data to make it immediately available for users to analyze via search. As users ask questions in the search bar, the system intelligently interprets the analytical intent, and returns the answer in the form of a best-fit visualization.