Access your Nielsen data through an intuitive search bar, eliminating the reporting backlog and freeing up data experts for more complex and demanding requests.

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Retail Measurement Services
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ThoughtSpot and Nielsen RMS data provides business analysts with the ability to search business data and get results, simple, smart and fast. With ThoughtSpot and point-of-sale level data, you will be able to:

  • Ask questions at any level, be it an aggregated market / category view, or a detailed SKU / geography query
  • Interact with data through a search bar, similar to major search engines, online merchants or video channels
  • Search using keywords and be presented with charts or tables with very little wait time
  • Dig deeper into search results without predefined aggregates, drill paths or hierarchies


  • Eliminate the reporting backlog and free up data experts for more complex and demanding requests
  • Augment user queries with relevant insights. This AI assistant – pervasive throughout the user experience - helps users find trends and anomalies which might be otherwise be overlooked
  • Handle massive amounts of data at the most granular level of detail – shopping basket analysis, individual SKU ACV% at a non-aggregated level are well within the capabilities of ThoughtSpot

How it Works

ThoughtSpot operates as a cluster of servers on-premise or in the cloud. It serves as a searchable cache of cultivated data suitable for analysis. The system interprets user queries – presented as either Natural Language or keyword tokens - and returns a best-fit visualization (charts & tables) based on the query scope.

For example, a query of “Show me daily sales over the last 90 days” will intelligently render a trend line chart, whereas a query of “What is the ACV% for each category by market?”, might render a stacked bar chart instead.

Data is cached in ThoughtSpot to ensure the absolute minimum response time for queries. Users interact with the data by way of a browser.