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ThoughtSpot Analytics
Search & AI-driven insights on your company data
Ask and answer any data question with a business-friendly analytics experience that delivers AI-powered insights at the speed of thought.
ThoughtSpot Embedded
Embedded data experiences for product builders
Design and embed AI-powered analytics experiences into any product with the developer-friendly analytics SDK.

Search your cloud data in
a whole new way

Give everyone a familiar consumer-grade search experience to create new insights on-demand.

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Uncover granular insights hidden in dark corners of your data

Auto-analyze billions of rows of data to quickly spot anomalies, trends, and everyday opportunities to improve your bottom line.


Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with Liveboards

Instantly create personalized, interactive, and actionable insights from your cloud data.

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Take your insights
on the go

Turn billions of rows of data into granular insights that you can access from anywhere with a single tap.

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Get up and running at the speed and scale of cloud

Connect ThoughtSpot to your cloud data platform and start live-querying data in minutes. Easily scale up and down to meet business demand and access insights no matter where in the world you’re working.

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Make your data more meaningful

Create governed, reusable, and logical data models that empower everyone in your organization to intuitively create insights with AI-Powered Analytics.

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Turn real-time insights into business action

Push cloud data to your favorite business apps so frontline teams can view data in context, apply insights to business use cases, improve processes, and make smarter business decisions.

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Deliver more engaging
analytics for your

Easily embed ThoughtSpot’s intuitive experiences with ThoughtSpot Embedded’s low-code platform, apply insights to business use cases, improve processes, and make smarter business decisions.

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Securely govern your
data at scale

Build trust and confidence in your data with industry-leading cloud security and governance controls right out of the box.

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Logo “Before ThoughtSpot, we didn’t have a simple way to leverage
our cloud data. Now our finance team can quickly get actionable
insights with the scale and speed we need.”
Vivek Malhotra Sr. Manager, Customer Development Analytics Logo
Logo “What used to take a data professional 15 to 20 minutes
can be done in seconds with ThoughtSpot running on
Google Cloud.”
Greg CapodagliSenior Marketing ManagerLogo
Logo “The fact that we can deploy ThoughtSpot in multiple cloud
environments or on-premises on top of being hosted in
MasterCard was very attractive to us.”
Marcos PeraltaSVP, Mastercard Data and ServicesLogo

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