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The Qlik to ThoughtSpot Data Converter from Innovoco enables an enterprise to natively use their Qlik data model within ThoughtSpot.

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Qlik to ThoughtSpot Data Converter by Innovoco

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The converter extracts data from a Qlik QVD (data file) and publishes it to a ThoughtSpot readable file format so that customers can seamlessly use both products. The converter can also be used to extract a data model from Qlik so that it can be re-built in ThoughSpot with far less effort.


  • Easy POC for prospects with an existing Qlik environment
  • Significant cost savings for customers wanting to migrate from Qlik to ThoughtSpot

How It Works

Our consultants install our application on their Qlik server and launch the migration to ThoughtSpot. We test the application to ensure that the data between both systems is consistent and then provide training on how to find data and build similar dashboards in ThoughtSpot.