Selfless Excellence is our secret sauce
to building a diverse team and innovating
world-class products

Selfless excellence means we consider our teammates,
customers, and society at large ahead of our own personal wins,
and we put up with absolutely zero office politics—ever. We live
this culture every day through our team values.

Meet our culture champions

Every quarter we nominate a Selfless Excellence champion that
embodies our culture and goes above and beyond for the team. Meet
some of our past winners below.

Selfless Excellence Winner Q2 2022

Rohit SharmaSenior Manager, Systems Reliability Engineering, APAC/EMEA
Rohit manages to provide the emotional and professional support the team needs and advocates celebrating them, because they are often the invisible heroes. He truly cares for his team, he supports them on complex problems and is always looking for ways to develop them. Gabi SicherDirector - Professional Services EMEA
Damian WaldronLead Customer Success Architect
Damian WaldronLead Customer Success Architect
Damian is extremely customer-focused. He has advocated for product improvements that customers need and is active in helping customers with anything they need to be successful and is always the first to volunteer to try anything that an assist them.
James BelseyDirector - Systems Engineering
Udit SamaniMTS, Software Engineer
Udit SamaniMTS, Software Engineer
Udit has taken ownership of the authentication area with gusto when the previous experts were no longer with ThoughtSpot, becoming a subject matter expert. In just a few months, he has solved seven major customer authentication issues.
Vaibhav AgarwalStaff Software Engineer
Ashok AnandPrincipal Engineer
Ashok AnandPrincipal Engineer
Ashok jumps on calls immediately to solve tricky problems, even when he's not on-call. He's always patient and courteous and working with the best interests of all stakeholders. Additionally, he treats every individual with a lot of respect.
Ambareesh JayakumariSoftware Engineer
Neil ColemanSystems Engineer
Neil ColemanSystems Engineer
Neil is all heart when it comes to his customers, and his colleagues. He cares deeply about the success of everyone around him, as evidenced by the effort he puts in. Team first + be the best + humility - politics = Neil Coleman, 100%
Brian RobinsonDirector - Sales Engineering, North America East

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The values at the heart of our work

Only 2% done

We don’t settle. We stay curious and strive for continuous growth and excellence. Every day, we get a little bit closer to creating a more fact-driven world but our work is never complete.

Parul BhattiProduct Design LeadThe possibilities are endless and we can always improve and do better. This allows us to embrace new challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and build new capabilities.


We leave our egos at the door and are the first to acknowledge when something’s not working. We take feedback in stride and are open and approachable to new ideas.

Daniel NazerihaSales EngineerHumility allows us to understand, accept, and care about others on a human level. We’re willing to learn, accept feedback and become better versions of ourselves.

Global mindset

We run marathons in each other's shoes. By embracing diverse identities, perspectives, and experiences we build better products for customers and more authentic relationships with each other.

Balma NguyenSales Development RepresentativeThe core of a global mindset is being open to other cultures and working styles. We approach differences with curiosity rather than judgment.

No politics

We win as a team or not at all. We communicate transparently and back decisions with data.

James BesleyDirector, Systems EngineeringIt means taking a step back from our own self interests and looking at the bigger picture. We ask ourselves, “What is the right thing to do for my team, for the company and for our customers?” It's about bringing in a diverse range of thoughts and experiences wherever possible.

Diversity and inclusion

Building a diverse and inclusive team isn't just the right thing to do for our people, it's the right thing to do for our business. You can’t solve complex data problems with a single perspective. It takes many voices, experiences, and areas of expertise to deliver the innovative solutions our customers need.

We’re committed to being real and continuously learning when it comes to pay equality, recruiting, and creating space for underrepresented groups to thrive.

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