Champions Program

Enriching the ThoughtSpot
Community globally

About the program

The ThoughtSpot Champions program recognizes, rewards, and promotes our most enthusiastic community members—expert users who are passionate about sharing their ThoughtSpot knowledge with others.

Champions are ThoughtSpot ambassadors. They support ThoughtSpot’s mission to democratize data, and their commitment to knowledge sharing measurably enriches the ThoughtSpot community.

Our mission

We empower these experts to increase their ThoughtSpot knowledge and tap into their true potential by offering the opportunity to elevate their personal brand, demonstrate their thought leadership, and contribute to the community.

As a ThoughtSpot Champion, you’ll lead and inspire other users by sharing knowledge, tips, and best practices throughout the year.

Champion requirements

We consider the following attributes when selecting ThoughtSpot Champions:

  • Must be a ThoughtSpot customer or partner.

  • Actively contributes in ThoughtSpot community forums .

  • Open to sharing best practices and other tips through user-generated content (e.g. blogs, social posts, tutorials, webinars, etc.).

  • Dedicated to building community by leading, presenting, or speaking at internal and external events.

  • Committed to expanding their ThoughtSpot knowledge through continued education on ThoughtSpot U .

  • Presents a positive and welcoming attitude toward the broader ThoughtSpot community.

Champion benefits

The ThoughtSpot Champions play an essential role in enriching the ThoughtSpot community as a resource of knowledge and a place to share experiences and best practices.

ThoughtSpot Champions are eligible for the following exclusive rewards and benefits:

Be an Influencer

Influence the product roadmap and community opinion with your expertise.

Recognition across the ThoughtSpot community

Receive recognition across ThoughtSpot’s multi-channel community.

Early access to upcoming ThoughtSpot innovation

Gain early access to new ThoughtSpot launches—discover and provide feedback.

Special invitations

Enjoy MVP experiences and exclusive invitations at Beyond and other events.

Amplify your Personal Brand

Accelerate your career with thought leadership and personal brand promotions.

Special Swag and Badges

Receive exclusive swag giveaways, badges, and digital assets to promote your status.

Live training

Gain complimentary access to ThoughtSpot U courses and live training.

How Champions contribute

Champions are responsible for being active members of the ThoughtSpot Community. By participating in various events and activities you’ll accumulate points that unlock rewards.

These activities include offering support in our online forums, establishing internal ThoughtSpot communities, sharing knowledge by blogging or creating tutorials, organizing and contributing to regional user groups, speaking at events and conferences, and publicly sharing enthusiasm for our shared mission.

Get to know the ThoughtSpot Champions

Meet the Champions sharing their knowledge online, offline, and around the world!