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ThoughtSpot Enterprise

Search to analyze &
“one click” automated insights.

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Unlimited users
Pricing is consumption
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ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Build interactive data apps with a low-code
developer-friendly platform.

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Unlimited users
Pricing is consumption
or capacity-based.

ThoughtSpot Enterprise


The world's most intelligent search engine for analytics, powered by Search IQ

  • Easily query your data using guided search experience
  • Answer Explorer
  • Search across all created content (universal search)
  • Intelligent indexing and results ranking


Get AI-driven insights when you need them, powered by SpotIQ

  • Pervasive AI-insights on queries, Pinboards, Answers, Tables, Worksheets
  • AI-insights on select columns
  • Tune AI algorithms and parameters
  • AI analysis using R (later Python)


Follow key business metrics to have AI proactively push new insights

  • Follow AI-insights on selected metrics
  • Follow Pinboards and receive change alerts
  • Subscribe others


Use search to create charts, drill anywhere, and curate your own data stories

  • Save searches as charts or tables
  • Create and curate Pinboards
  • Add filters to Pinboards
  • Interact with and dynamically change Pinboard layouts
  • Download Pinboards as PDF
  • Download query results as CSV, XLS


Share insights and pinboards with ease so everyone is in the loop

  • Share Pinboards and Answers with a click
  • Share content outside your groups (Global sharing)
  • Presentation Mode
  • "Ask an expert" question routing system


Get instant insights on the go

  • iOS
  • Android


Live-query your favorite cloud data warehouse with Embrace

  • Embrace for Snowflake
  • Embrace for Redshift
  • Embrace for Synapse
  • Embrace for Google BigQuery
  • Embrace for Teradata (On-premises, Cloud)
  • Embrace for SAP Hana (Beta)
  • Support for 3rd-party ETL tools (Alteryx, Talend)
  • Bring in data using Native & JDBC/ODBC compliant connectors
  • CSV upload


Quickly and easily get your data ready for search and deploy use cases quickly

  • SpotApps (scriptable app templates)
  • Combine data from multiple data sources (joins)
  • Create and manage Tables, worksheets
  • Basic & Advanced joins (Inner joins, right outer, full outer)
  • Advanced joins (Right outer joins, full outer joins)
  • Joins on queries (Fan traps, Chasm traps)
  • Enable nested queries by creating "Views"
  • Turbocharge your nested queries using "Materialized Views"
  • Bring in data using Native & JDBC/ODBC compliant connectors
  • Joins between two large fact tables (co-sharded joins)


From SaaS to software in your own virtual private cloud, we’ve got you covered

  • Managed Cloud (SaaS)
  • On-premise
  • Private Cloud
  • License portability across Cloud and on-prem


Trusted enterprise-grade control and governance across your entire organization

  • User and user-group management
  • Privilege management
  • User authentication management
  • Self-service cluster administration
  • Self-service upgrade
  • Disaster recovery


Fine-grained access permission for millions of users and hundreds of thousands of security groups

  • Local user Authentication
  • Active Directory integration (LDAP)
  • SAML user authentication
  • Control visibility of Pinboards and answers to specific users
  • Control visibility of select rows and columns (RLS and CLS)
  • Encrypt your data at rest (only available in Cloud)


Get started quickly to rapidly execute on your analytics innovation and transformation strategies

  • Support Hours
  • End-user Support
  • Embedded charts and pinboards

ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Includes all Enterprise features


Monetize your data with embedded self-service analytics, designed by you.

  • Embed search
  • Embed pinboards, charts, tables
  • Embed the full application
  • Insert your own custom actions in ThoughtSpot UI
  • Visual embed SDK
  • Developer playground
  • Customize logos, fonts, colors, and more
  • Access to the data REST API to query data
  • Access to the TML REST API to update charts, pinboards, and worksheets
  • Access to the PDF REST API to generate reports

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