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for your modern data stack

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For individuals and small teams to use AI-powered search to visualize their data

$95 /month
  • 5 users
  • Billed monthly
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  • Up to 5 million of data
  • 1 permission
  • 1
  • Natural language search
  • In-app and community-based support
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Essentials  NEW

For small companies to share AI-powered insights across teams

Starting at
$1250 /month
  • 20 users
  • Billed annually
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  • Up to 25 million of data
  • 5 permission
  • 1
  • Natural language search
  • Automated insights
  • In-app and community-based support
  • Row-level security
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For large enterprises to scale AI-powered analytics with enterprise-grade controls
  • Unlimited users
  • Pay based on usage
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Build or embed analytics for multi-tenant, large scale applications

  • Unlimited users
  • Pay based on usage
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  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited permission
  • Unlimited
  • Natural language search
  • Automated insights
  • In-app and 24x7 support
  • Enterprise level
  • Enterprise
  • Access to APIs and dev tools
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Note: Prices listed for ThoughtSpot hosted in US regions only. Please contact us for international pricing.

Get search & AI-driven insights on your company data

Embed analytics into your customer-facing apps


$95 / mo

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$1250 / mo

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Starting at $2500/mo

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AI-Powered Search

The world's most intelligent search engine for analytics, powered by AI and GPT

Ask questions in natural language

Get AI-powered answers to your questions

Let AI suggest questions to ask

  to analyze and visualize your data

Get personalized suggested search terms based on prior usage

Search on data values, not just column names

Use built-in keywords to simplify complex queries


  to modify existing answers and uncover deeper insights

  across your organization


Get AI-powered automated insights when you need them

View outliers and anomalies

Automatically analyze trends

Perform correlation analysis

View key drivers of changes to your metrics

Get natural language explanations

Provide thumbs up / down feedback to improve relevance of generated insights

Tune built-in algorithms and parameters


Use search to create charts, drill anywhere, and curate your own data stories

Pin any chart to create your own

Lay out your Liveboard with unlimited flexibility

Save charts as answers that always show the latest data

Drill anywhere in any chart without predefined drill paths

Apply filters across an entire Liveboard

Retain full chart interactivity in meetings with Presentation Mode

Download to PDF

Download to CSV, XLSX

Share Liveboards and answers with users within the same group

Share Liveboards and answers across groups


Follow key business metrics to have AI proactively push new insights

Create KPI charts with trendlines

Schedule delivery of alerts

Create threshold alerts on KPIs

Subscribe other users to alerts

Detect anomalies in KPI trends

Explain key drivers of KPI changes


Live-query your favorite cloud data platform

Support for Snowflake

Support for Google BigQuery

Support for Amazon Redshift

Support for Amazon RDS

Support for Amazon Aurora

Support for Azure Synapse

Support for Databricks

Support for Oracle

Support for Starburst

Support for Dremio

Support for Denodo

Support for SAP HANA

Support for Teradata

Support for PostgreSQL

Support for SQL Server

Support for MySQL

Support for JDBC


Get your data ready for search

Manage your data sources, connections, and models in a dedicated workspace

Get AI-suggested search synonyms

Join tables using multiple join types

Support complex models with chasm or fan traps

Create new columns based on calculations from existing measures

Create views using custom SQL

Represent your model in a scriptable TML format

Get auto-generated models based on your dbt models


Enterprise-grade controls and governance across your entire organization

SOC Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliance

Complete data isolation

Disk data encryption at rest

Data encryption in transit - TLS

Row-level security

System reporting and monitoring

Single Sign-On via SAML

Single Sign-On via OAuth and OIDC

Advanced data encryption at
rest - file / folder / db

Private link between ThoughtSpot and
cloud data warehouses

URL whitelabeling

Custom URL


Drive higher app engagement with embedded Live Analytics

Embedded search

Embedded Liveboards, charts, tables

Custom actions

Visual Embed SDK

REST-based API

Developer playground

Custom styles and themes


Get insights on the go

Native iOS app

Native Android app


Community-based support

In-app support

Support portal access

Email and phone support

Support hours


Response times

P0: 8 hrs
P1: 1 day
P2: 2 days

P0: 1 hr
P1: 2 hrs
P2: 4 hrs

P0: 8 hr
P1: 1 day
P2: 2 days

P0: 1 hr
P1: 2 hrs
P2: 4 hrs

Usage limits

Max number of users







Max number of permission







Max number of







Max data rows searchable

5 million

25 million

500 million


5 billion



1 million

1 million

10 million

200 million

1 million

200 million

Frequently asked questions

How does ThoughtSpot’s pricing work?

ThoughtSpot Team Edition is available at a flat $95 monthly subscription. You can easily sign up from our Free Trial and pay using a credit card. Once you subscribe, you will be billed $95/month until you cancel.

ThoughtSpot Essentials Edition is available for a fixed annual subscription of $15,000 / year.

For other product editions, ThoughtSpot uses a consumption-based pricing model that lets you pay for what you use. Your annual contract consists of a base package that includes a set of credits that lets you execute a certain number of queries against a data source. You can purchase additional credits as part of your contract if you need more.

Is there an annual subscription option for Team Edition?

You are billed a flat $95 monthly fee for Team Edition. There is no annual subscription option for Team Edition. Other ThoughtSpot product editions are licensed via annual contracts.

Can I upgrade from Team Edition to other ThoughtSpot product editions?

Absolutely. Contact our sales team to get started.

Have another question?

Contact us and tell us what you need and we can help you find the right solution.