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Easily integrate your existing data
pipeline and flow.

Operationalize data insights in
your business-critical apps

Push data from ThoughtSpot to your
favorite business apps to view insights
in context.

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Deliver self-service analytics and
enterprise-grade governance at scale
with the Modern Analytics Cloud.

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Additional resources to
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ThoughtSpot Embrace Datasheet

Learn how ThoughtSpot Embrace lets you easily connect to your data warehouse and find instant answers via live query

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ThoughtSpot for Snowflake

Bring Search & AI-driven analytics to your Snowflake Data Cloud. Connect instantly, and give everyone in your organization the ability to answer any data question with live-queries.

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ThoughtSpot Embrace:
From Zero to Search in Minutes

ThoughtSpot Embrace enables you to go from zero to search on your enterprise cloud data. You simply connect to your data store directly from ThoughtSpot and start searching without any complicated ETL or ELT workflows.

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