ThoughtSpot for
Communications Analytics

What if your marketers were also
data analysts?

With ThoughtSpot, anyone can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source - from subscriber usage data, to social media posts, network levels, even connected devices - in seconds.

Example Search #1: 5G Network Utilization by Cell Tower

Example Search #2: Revenue by Plan

Example Search #3: Roaming Charges by Product Name

Now everyone can make smarter decisions
that drive customer loyalty.

Whether you’re in subscriber marketing, customer care, pricing or store
operations, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot. Below are
a few use cases by role.

Finance Managers

Drive additional up-sell opportunities by analyzing growth rates across different pricing plans and models.

Marketing Managers

Identify top customer segments by analyzing usage data , customer information and social media posts to improve subscriber insights and campaign results.

Customer Care

Provide proactive customer care with instant access to customer complaints, network service issues and location data, reducing customer churn.

"Marketers now get instant insights into customer churn by connecting billions of rows of usage data to our point of sale and campaign data."


Your search engine for Telecom Data Cloud

See how leading Telcos are using ThoughtSpot for safe, reliable self-service analytics in the Snowflake Telecom Cloud.

Reducing Customer Churn with 750% ROI

Ovum Research, recently performed an ROI assessment of how one Fortune 200 telecom company used search-driven analytics to address their customer churn problem.

Live Query Azure Synapse with ThoughtSpot Embrace

See how ThoughtSpot Embrace lets you run queries directly in your Synapse cloud data warehouse to give you the most up-to-date insights.

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