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Seamlessly integrated source to visualization solution with minimal touchpoints to accelerate the adoption and Return on Investment (ROI) on ThoughtSpot implementations.

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End-to-end Integrated Data Solution by TribolaTech Inc

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No more garbage in à garbage out scenarios! TIS does data transformation, cleansing, standardization, lineage all combined with robust security and traceability; we call it, an analytical solution in a box! Your data consumers can get meaningful answers to complex analyses thereby supporting your decision-making process.


No need to onboard an army of experts! TribolaTech Integrated Solution (TIS) seamlessly brings data from disparate source systems into ThoughtSpot. TIS takes care of all the backend needs; such as, Extracting data from sources, Transforming data based on business rules, Loading it to a Data Warehouse as well as into ThoughtSpot. In this process, TIS checks data quality, maintains data security, conforms data into a standard reporting format, enables lineage of data, provides a flexible and scalable architecture.

How It Works

TribolaTech Integrated Solution (TIS) works on the cloud, on-premises or on a hybrid datacenter setup. With a plethora of connectors available, use as many relevant data sources, define business rules and cleansing logic; let TIS do all the heavy lifting, modeling, crunching to provide you clean and secure data to enable easy adoption of ThoughtSpot across your organization.