Tailored analytics, with just a few lines of code.

Loved by innovative, fast-growing companies

Build your analytics module with customizable components

Customize everything from colors and brand elements to individual charts, KPIs, visualizations, and even search bar elements to deliver the analytics experience your users deserve.

Customize Complete brand and UI customization
Visualize Embeddable search, charts, tables, and Liveboards
Build Prototype and preview with the integrated developer playground

Transform “reporting” into
a sellable feature

Go beyond static data visualizations with natural language search, automatic trend analyses, and infinite drill-downs. Empower your users to ask business questions about your app data and surface the right answers - all by themselves. It’s now possible.

Search Natural language search with ThoughtSpot Sage
Explore Drill anywhere without pre-defined drill paths
Identify Outlier, trends, and correlation analysis with SpotIQ

Don’t stop with insights –
let users drive contextual actions

Define custom actions and build intelligent workflows by triggering callbacks. Allow users to go from analyzing data to performing contextual actions both within your application and outside.

Push Externally to communications, CRM, etc.
Callback Trigger data-driven workflows within your app

Treat your analytics like software

Develop low code with the Visual Embed SDK, pro code with platform APIs, and integrate with DevOps via ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML).

Live query Live query optimization with cloud platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and more
Analytics-as-code Streamlined data models, content and environments with scriptable TML* and RESTful APIs

Easy pricing – because everyone deserves better analytics

ThoughtSpot Embedded comes in easy pricing packages so you can deliver a world-class analytics experience at every stage of your app’s growth.

Trusted by developers within the
most innovative companies

We chose ThoughtSpot because of its performance and search, interactive visualization, the end user experience, and flexible APIs which we can customize into our own platforms.

Ritesh Ramesh Chief Technology Officer
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