Connect ThoughtSpot to your SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer using UniverseBridge

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UniverseBridge for ThoughtSpot
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With UniverseBridge, SAP BusinessObjects customers can seamlessly integrate data residing in SAP BusinessObjects into ThoughtSpot's search and AI-driven technology


  • Reuse Not Rebuild - Use what you’ve already built in BusinessObjects to create interactive visualisations and apps
  • Accelerate Development - Leverage the power of your existing BusinessObjects Universes without having to re-build SQL Queries

How it Works

UniverseBridge serves as a data connector to allow users to target existing BusinessObjects universes as a data source, then feed this information as source data into ThoughtSpot. All existing business logic and complex calculations can remain in BusinessObjects, avoiding the need to replicate this logic elsewhere.

Configuration is very simple - UniverseBridge is deployed as a web application. The server hosting UniverseBridge just needs network connectivity to the BusinessObjects and ThoughtSpot infrastructure.