Unlock the IOT data stored in your Snowflake data warehouse with ThoughtSpot. Provide easy access to everyone in your organization to gain granular insights, using a sample Citibike data set of bike rentals in NYC. Gain insights into rental patterns, popularity, and even weather data (originally in JSON) matched to the rental time.

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Procurement 360
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  • A sample Snowflake view which combines structured and unstructured JSON data into a searchable data asset
  • Pinboards that provide insightful information into bike rental and weather patterns - and can be applied to other IOT data
  • The ability for any user in the organization to search the data based on business terms they use


  • Gain actionable insights from the data you’re already collecting

How it Works

Unlock the tables in your Snowflake data warehouse quickly with a direct connection from ThoughtSpot, setup in minutes. All searches are pushed down to Snowflake providing real-time answers. Clients with existing Snowflake can take full advantage of this solution, including a sample data model for IOT data sets.