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“With ThoughtSpot, if anything is out of inventory we're able to react in seconds rather than having to wait weeks or months.”

Haggar Clothing Co.
Yolanda Acosta
Technical Business Analyst

“We’re now up to 500 weekly active business users. Adoption has been rapid.”

Sterling Talent Solutions
Cindy Villamil
Data Strategy Manager
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“It's very intuitive, it's easy to use, people are self-serving in no time”

CMC Markets
Grant Foley
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“All of our employees are now analyzing data without help from experts.”

Insure The Box
Michael Brockman
Group CEO
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“I can now answer questions myself – really quickly.”

Karina Schrettle
CRM Marketing Manager

“Our 2000 branch staff now have an easy way to get answers out of their data at scale.”

Sukumar Ponram
Data Architect

“Our people can now see what they need – right when they need it.”

TCC Wireless
Karen Daugherty
Vice President, Data & Analytics

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Walmart Powers Digital Transformation with Granular Customer Insights at Scale

Finance, Merchandisers, eCommerce business users and executives gain visibility into SKU-level insights across tens of billions of rows which enables them to make improvements in dynamic pricing, optimize markdowns, and increase inventory turns.

Bank Analyzes Behavior Trends Within Billions of Customer Transactions

Banking teams are looking at customer and account data from branches to analyze trends in online transactions, changes in volume of branch interactions, and customer churn.

World's Leading Diamond Manufacturer Optimizes Prices with Ease

Pricing team analyzes diamond prices across 14,000 different diamond categories to maximize revenue.

Miami Children's Hospital Revolutionizes Patient Care with Instant Visibility

Now doctors, clinicians and hospital staff can analyze patient, claims and operations data without waiting for new custom reports.

Celebrity Cruises Maximizes Campaign Performance with Complete Customer View

Sales and marketing teams gets fast, easy view of complete customer profile to drive more efficient campaigns.

Maximizes Revenue & Machine Utilization with Embedded Analytics Dealer Portal

Dealer sales and service teams use search to do their own ad hoc analysis to improve equipment utilization and turn around time, meet customer requests faster, and grow revenue.

Merchants Perform 40,000 Weekly Searches to Analyze Product Performance

Merchandise managers ask questions throughout the day to get instant answers about SKU performance and customer behaviors for any date range, optimizing online assortments, promotion performance and sales.

Sterling National Bank Maximizes Revenue with Customer Data

With analytics adoption up by 230% with ThoughtSpot, sales and marketing teams are analyzing customer behaviors to drive more successful campaigns.

Availity Improves Patient Care with Health Claims Data

Leading healthcare services provider helps clinicians and medical facilities analyze millions of records every day so they can make faster data-driven decisions.

BT Uses Search-Driven Analytics to Simplify Billing for B2B Customers

Business customers are able to quickly ask very specific questions of their bills, uncovering data by product, by service, by location, by store number, and more.

AFS Boosts Customer Adoption by 3x with Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics portal provides 1,200 customers with instant visibility into market trends, customer usage and pricing data.

Cetera Grows Competitive Edge with Faster Data Insights

Teams across entire company monitor trends in asset performance, analyze accounts against benchmark indices, and deliver faster insights to customers.

Bank Performs 360 Customer Analysis with Transaction Data

Fortune 500 bank provides their credit card services team with transaction level insights into customer behaviors.

Reduces Drug Trial Insights from 3 Months to 3 Minutes

Scientists use search to rapidly analyze drug trial results and identify side effects by patient cohort.

SAG Gains Competitive Advantage in Union Negotiations

Labor union analyzes member claims and plans so they can negotiate for and provide members with better benefits.

Power Design Super-Charges Staffing and Recruiting

Recruiting team analyzes the effectiveness of hiring campaigns, tracks the success of individual recruiters, and provides benchmark metrics.

Nationwide Uses Search & AI to Power a True Data-Driven Decision Making Culture

Now analysts can empower business users to answer their own data questions to make more data informed decisions while significantly reducing their reporting bottleneck.

QAD Optimizes Global Sales Pipeline & Customer Experience

Sales and Services Consultants are analyzing sales, product, and contract data to address prospects needs more efficiently and improve customer experiences.

Collegis Boosts Student Enrollment

Collegis helps university marketing and admissions managers easily analyze enrollment rates, matriculation and retention.

Haggar Provides Instant POS Insights at Scale

Merchandise planners use search to answer ad-hoq questions across multiple data sources including sales (POS) data, logistics/shipping, marketing, and more.

Reduces Customer Churn with Marketing & Customer Analytics

CMO and brand managers have instant insight into campaign performance and week-over-week churn. Churn expected to decrease by 17%.

Level Access Monetizes their Data with Embedded Analytics

Tech company offers embedded analytics to customers as premium service called “Access Analytics,” giving them instant access to all of their testing data.

Shines Spotlight on Data to Grow Revenue Across Channels

Management now has instant insight into performance of every film and optimizes revenue across channels immediately after a movie launches.

CMC Markets Trades Up for Faster Analytics

Leading online financial trading company is using ThoughtSpot to provide their sales, marketing, finance, and ops teams with self-service analytics.

AllConnect Increases Customer Satisfaction with Faster Data Access

Services company provides customer support team with instant visibility into customer and product data, empowering them to deliver faster, more comprehensive support.

JD Sports Streamlines Merchandising with Relational Search

Retailer that prides themselves on having the latest trends, gives merchandisers faster insights into product performance with search-driven analytics.

J.J. Keller Shrinks Customer Wait Time 92%

Customer service specialists at transportation company analyzes drivers’ black box data to provide faster, more accurate insights to customers.

Reduces Production Costs and Optimizes On-time Delivery

Engineering team analyzes headcount, design goals, and project milestones by product and tier to optimize the entire delivery process.

Insure the Box Puts Auto Insurance in the Fast Lane

The UK's largest telematics auto insurer is accelerating driver safety with call center, claims, marketing and pricing data.

Phototype Gives Customers Fast Insights with Embedded Analytics

Professional services and creative agency provides customers with instant insights into project data with embedded analytics portal.

Traders Make Big Profits with Instant Access to Pricing Data

Faster access to insights lets the traders get the maximum value for every trade, giving them a competitive advantage and improving margins by 10%.

Sterling Talent Reduces BI Backlog by 60%

The largest background check provider conducts 70M searches a year for 30,000 customers.

DTI Provides Customers with Rapid Insights Using Embedded Analytics

Professional services company provide customers with easy-to-use, self-service analytics portal.

RichRelevance Increases KPI Visibility for Customers by 220%

Embedded analytics portal gives customers instant visibility into campaign lift from website optimization.

RizePoint Delivers Peace of Mind with Customer Compliance Portal

Compliance software company provides customers with embedded analytics portal so they can instantly identify root cause of regulatory issues.

Petco Streamlines Data Analysis for Innovative Units

Using search to answer ad-hoc questions across multiple data sources, Petco business stakeholders no longer have to wait weeks to keep a pulse on their new stores, service offerings and product sales.

Logistics Company Grows Sales and Reduces Shrinkage

Managers pinpoint root causes of shrinkage by analyzing trends across regions, stores, and specific magazines.

Payback Provides 750+ Partners with Insights into Customer Behavior Trends

Deeper and better service delivery for partners via insights into campaign performance and effectiveness at the speed of thought.

Rubrik Consolidates and Scales Data Pipeline

Rapidly growing enterprise software company has eliminated data silos and ensured their data pipeline is scaling with the business.

Metropolitan Police Fights Crime with Data

The Met instantly answers data questions around crime statistics and more, to increase public safety.

Indiana Department of Transportation streamlines work order data across all districts.

Now teams can instantly answer ad hoc questions to improve cost control and operational efficiencies.

International convenience store grows size of baskets

Chain uses product analytics to optimize loyalty incentives and increase the value of baskets.

Financial services company increases share of wallet

Wealth advisors gain visibility across bank’s portfolio to identify cross-sell opportunities.

CCM eliminates the need to hire new analysts

Manufacturer and supplier of construction products enables sales and product managers with self-service access to insights in the field.

C-suite gets granular insights into sales

Executives and managers dramatically reduce time-to-insights for questions on sales and inventory.

Oil and gas leader analyzes production assets

Engineers and managers look for variances to optimize production based on historical trends and target volumes.

Not-for-profit healthcare system increases claims recovery

Intermountain Healthcare identifies gaps in physician training to improve their ability to recover insurance claims.

Multinational engineering company optimizes its supply chain

Project managers, supply chain analysts and buyers match excess spare parts with sales opportunities to reduce inventory and increase revenues.

Store delivers real-time insights to managers and frontline employees

Mobile reseller provides sales managers and store associates with real-time insights into sales and customers, growing to 800+ users and 17,000 searches in a single weekend.

Technology solutions provider enables timely sales insights for executives

Sales leaders dynamically explore revenues across verticals at any granularity and gain insights into profitability of top reps.

Multinational food company enables execs with ad hoc sales analysis

Senior sales management determines how to stock inventory and measure sales force effectiveness against goals.

Entertainment company enables self-service analytics for all teams

Sales, marketing, and content managers analyze terabytes of subscriber engagement data to make campaign and content decisions to increase subscriber growth and reduce churn.

Multinational automotive corporation transforms procurement processes

Daimler procurement teams perform self-service analytics to manage supply chain risk and identify when to take advantage of short-notice opportunities.

Food service company performs granular customer analysis

Product management, sales, marketing, and executives get clear, self-service insights into customer churn metrics.

Insights at the speed of thought.