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ThoughtSpot Customers

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CMC Markets

CMC Markets is a leading global provider of online financial trading. ThoughtSpot has become the new standard for self-service analytics, providing users across sales, marketing, finance and operations the ability to analyze their own data in seconds. They believe it is helping their BI team reduce their backlog by over 60% .

Primary Capital Mortgage

Primary Capital Mortgage is a 20 year old residential mortgage lender. ThoughtSpot was rolled out across the company to provide end users with direct access to their data. It is currently saving their sales team 600 hours a month.


Sterling Backcheck

Founded in 1972, Sterling provides background checks to nearly a quarter of the Fortune 100. With ThoughtSpot, Sterling Backcheck is able to speed up access to background check data on their 20,000 customers from weeks to seconds. Now everyone in the company can get answers from terabytes of data without relying on their SQL developers.

Collegis Education

Collegis Education partners with university leaders to design unique, technology-based enrollment solutions to improve the way students attract, engage, and retain their students. ThoughtSpot has helped the company get access to student information 10X faster, saving the team 50 hours per month.

"A new breed of intuitive and responsive business intelligence."

Eduardo Sanchez, CEO of RichRelevance



Rambus is a semiconductor manufacturer. Their HR, Legal, and IP Management teams are using ThoughtSpot to find the data they want and build their own charts and dashboards to better understand hiring trends, manage their patent portfolio and reduce their workload in report generation.

"It's going to be a game changer for our company"

Jayson Serrault, CMO of Batteries Plus Bulbs