Become the analyst
of the future

Accelerate speed to insight
for everyone across your business

Unleash the power of your cloud data platform. With ThoughtSpot, any business user—no matter their background—can get instant answers with a simple, AI-driven search experience.

Kiss your backlog goodbye

Say goodbye to workdays ruled by one-off report requests and custom drill paths. Empower your business users to answer their own data questions with a simple yet powerful AI-driven search experience.

"We’ve reduced our backlog by over 80% with ThoughtSpot."
AuthorJackson Halsted, Operations Performance Analyst, Suncorp

Go from the backroom
to the boardroom

Rather than building hundreds of dashboards that sit unused in the backroom, create insights that inspire action in the boardroom. With ThoughtSpot, you become an invaluable business partner leaders can count on when it matters most.

"ThoughtSpot lets us drill down into the data in real time so it’s really easy to answer questions and follow-up questions in meetings and working groups."
AuthorKirsty Warren, Mortgaged BI Product Manager, Nationwide Building Society

Empower business users
for true self-service

Get everything you need to set your business users up for personalized self-service experiences. Connect to data quickly, make insights easily discoverable, and balance data access with granular column and row-level controls.

Tackle more strategic

Stop dreaming of taking on the next value-add project and start living it. With Search & AI, you don’t have to worry about query complexity, performance at scale, or having to bend over backwards to create a view with multiple tables. You can stop wasting time on minutiae, and take on important projects that add value.

"We don’t worry about rolling things up, extra ETLs or sub tables. We focus on the problem and ThoughtSpot does the rest."
Author Cameron Currie, Head of Enterprise Cloud Reporting,
National Australia Bank (NAB)

Thanks to ThoughtSpot’s AI, we’re able to develop insights and reports on the fly—as opposed to having people working day and night to address questions that need answers.
Max ChanCTOLogo
We were really impressed by ThoughtSpot’s simplicity. The fact that the technology is designed from search up rather than as a BI solution with some search capability put us over the top.
Paul FrenchDirector of BILogo
Logo ThoughtSpot has been revolutionary in day-to-day reporting and analytics. We’ve implemented it across departments with great success and high adoption rates.
Iaroslav BoutorinManager, Merch Analytics & Planning SupportLogo
Logo I became an analyst to make an impact... ThoughtSpot has taken all Schneider beyond the ability to answer simple questions and has enabled them to gain valuable insights that can propel the organization forward.
Alanna RoeslerPeople Analytics Change ManagerLogo
Instead of having just one or two conversations with the business, analysts are working side by side with them, helping them learn how to uncover insights from their own data.
Rachel KozloskiProduct Owner, Business IntelligenceLogo

ThoughtSpot has created a paradigm shift within our organization. We no longer have to create a dashboard to get an answer, we just ask a question directly to the data and get an answer.
Yasmine Ndassa Senior Director, Compensation, Strategy and Insights Logo
ThoughtSpot has also addressed one of my biggest challenges as an analyst: communicating my work at scale. Now I share everything that I build with all of my users in a very simple way.
Silvia Ilie Risk Analytics Program ManagerLogo

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