Introducing ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Easily embed Search & AI-driven analytics
into your app.

Create engaging analytics
experiences for your customers.

Deliver answers to everyone in your organization and broader ecosystem by embedding Search & AI into your app, portal, or product.

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Launch your new data product fast

Eliminate the need for long, complex deployment and customization processes to launch seamlessly integrated embedded analytics tailored to specific business requirements.

Create a sticky app with search

Keep your customers coming back again and again with an immersive, self-driven search experience that is built to answer questions as they arise.

Complex Schemas, Simplified

Rest easy knowing that the platform can handle the most complex queries across multiple data sources and complex schemas

Governance & Security at Scale

Granular column and row level access control to a single shared data model for 100k+ security groups.

Grow as you grow

ThoughtSpot helps you build new revenue streams and get more value out of your data affordably, even while extending your reach to thousands or millions of users.

Build anything you can imagine with our developer playground.

Ways to Embed ThoughtSpot.

The ThoughtSpot Everywhere SDK gives you a multitude of different ways to embed Search & AI-driven analytics into your business apps.


Embed search to help your users analyze their data wherever they have questions.

AI-Driven Insights

Embed automated insights into your app to highlight important trends and anomalies for users.


Embed numbers, charts, and dashboards to highlight key metrics your users care about.


Help your users go from insight to action with custom analytics-driven workflows.

Designed by You. Powered by ThoughtSpot.

“Delivering comprehensive views and personalized travel insights with AnswerIQ.”

“Enabling customers to analyze their spending on their business phone and internet services.”

“Giving teachers and school administrators deeper insight into student test scores and performance.”

“Helping healthcare organizations reduce compliance risk, improve efficiency, and retain more of their revenue.”

Get started fast with
ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML).

Define, package, and deploy data models for your custom apps with a low-code, scriptable experience.

Transform data into data apps at cloud scale

Powered by ThoughtSpot Cloud, ThoughtSpot Everywhere integrates with native cloud platforms like Snowflake to give your apps blazing fast performance.

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