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All of the insights, none of the SQL

Spend less time waiting for answers and more time crafting campaigns
using ThoughtSpot’s search and generative AI-powered analytics.

Stop waiting for custom reports

Uncover your own insights with search and AI.

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Cut through the noise with access to insights at your fingertips.

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Track leads by source to measure the effectiveness of content and campaigns.

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Trust & Will
Austin Capital bank

What used to take a data professional
15 to 20 minutes can be done in seconds with ThoughtSpot.

Greg Capodagli

Senior Marketing Manager

Key features

Campaign attribution

Track every marketing
dollar with precision

Get instant campaign feedback and uncover granular insights about demand with a comprehensive view of all of your marketing and sales data.

Customer experience

Personalize customer experiences at scale

Quickly identify and adapt to real-time customer journey trends and market changes so you can deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Customer lifecycle

Keep customers coming
back for more

Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn with a 360° view of customer retention data, sales trends, win-back opportunities, and more.

Product-led growth

Accelerate user acquisition and conversion

Bring together product, sales, and marketing data into a single, actionable source of truth so you can convert active users more efficiently.