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ThoughtSpot has you covered. For only $95/month, ThoughtSpot enables safe self-service analytics for everyone using the power of Search. No need for a big team of analysts. We make data modeling simple, and you can even reuse your models from dbt. Perfect for analysts and small teams.

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  • Search to analyze and visualize your data

  • Receive personalized search suggestions based on prior usage

  • Drill anywhere in any chart without predefined drill paths

  • Pin any chart to create your own Liveboards

  • Use AI-guided suggestions to modify existing answers and uncover deeper insights

  • Connect to your favorite cloud data platform

  • Manage your data sources, connections, and models in a dedicated workspace

  • Create views using custom SQL

  • Represent your model in a scriptable, TML format

  • Get auto-generated models based on your dbt models

  • Analyze up to 5 million rows of data

With ThoughtSpot and dbt, we can quickly model and ship trusted data to generate business insights, saving us hours of productivity a week!

Jay Kotecha Senior Data Scientist at Huel

We make sure every single person in our company has easy access to their data with ThoughtSpot.

Sibel Atasoy Wuersch Head of Data at Frontify

We now all look at our data consistently in ThoughtSpot. No more manipulation in spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

Sunny Bedi CIO & CDO at Snowflake

45 days worth of excel spreadsheets turned into 20 minutes with ThoughtSpot and we now have so much better insights because of it.

Rachel Hartley Performance Marketing Manager at The Modern Milkman

ThoughtSpot was the only tool that was made for a business user to go in and get answers without needing to spend months learning how to use it.

Rachel Kozloski Product Owner of Self-Service Reporting at 14 West