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Now everyone can make faster decisions to get ahead in the markets.

Whether you’re in banking, insurance, trading or wealth management, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot.
Below are a few use cases by role.

Mortgage Broker

Increase revenue and upsell opportunities with instant access to the status of customer loans, product type and overall portfolio mix across channels on a daily basis.


Get instant answers about transactions, deposits and loan data across each client to identify key customer insights and provide personalized customer experience.


Deliver results with immediate access to dozens of sources on securities data to determine accurate price estimates for every trade.

Imagine your brokers doing their
own loan analyses.

With ThoughtSpot, you can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source - from stock prices, to loan rates, social media posts, even connected devices - in seconds.

Example Search #1: Overdue Loans by City

Example Search #2: Top 10 Securities by Interest Rate Today

Example Search #3: Customer Revenue by Asset Type in West

"Our account executives are more productive with instant visibility into client performance. It's saving us 600 hours a month."


ThoughtSpot for Financial Services

Learn how world's most innovative financial service providers use ThoughtSpot to empower everyone with the ability to quickly uncover data-driven insights from C-suite executives to front-line employees.

SpotIQ: AI-Driven Analytics (2nd Edition)

Learn about the technology behind SpotIQ and how it automatically spots hidden trends and patterns in data, learns what’s most important based on usage behavior, and delivers trusted and personalized insights.

Relational Search: A New Paradigm for Data Analytics (2nd Edition)

What is search-driven analytics? Check out this overview of how it all works and see what ThoughtSpot can do for you.

"It's very intuitive. It's very easy to use.
People will be self-serving in no time."


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