An AI-powered search experience that puts
LLMs to work on your business data.

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An AI-powered search experience that puts
LLMs series of models to work on your business data.

Start for free. No Credit Card required.

Ask questions like a business leader,
get insights like an analyst

ThoughtSpot Sage combines the power of Large language models (LLMs) of models’s natural language processing and generative AI with the accuracy of our patented search technology. With guardrails provided by analysts, anyone, regardless of technical ability, can uncover AI-generated insights and in plain speak.

Watch the making of ThoughtSpot Sage with LLMs

How does ThoughtSpot Sage work?

AI-powered search
in natural language

Search for insights the way you’d ask any colleague a question. We take your query and uncover relevant, trusted insights from your data that you can action right then and there.

AI-generated answers

In addition to serving up relevant search results, ThoughtSpot Sage generates a custom personalized answer that you can trust.

AI-powered search suggestions

Don’t know where to begin? ThoughtSpot Sage uses machine learning to recommend questions, which you can easily follow up with your own.

AI-assisted data modeling

ThoughtSpot Sage automatically generates suggested synonyms to optimize your search experience.

AI that learns as
you go

Thumbs-up insights you like, thumbs-down those you don’t. Your input makes the whole system smarter for everyone.

ThoughtSpot and LLMs are better together

With ThoughtSpot Sage, your business gets all the advantages of our SpotIQ AI technology and built-in dynamic search engine, combined with LLMs to create both human and AI-generated insights with the highest levels of confidence. Human-in-the-loop machine learning gets smarter, and more refined the more you use the system.

We make sure every single person in our company has easy access to their data with ThoughtSpot.

Sibel Atasoy Wuersch Head of Data

We now all look at our data consistently in ThoughtSpot. No more manipulation in spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

Sunny Bedi CIO & CDO

45 days worth of excel spreadsheets turned into 20 minutes with ThoughtSpot and we now have so much better insights because of it.

Rachel Hartley Performance Marketing Manager

With ThoughtSpot and dbt, we can quickly model and ship trusted data to generate business insights, saving us hours of productivity a week!

Jay Kotecha Senior Data Scientist

ThoughtSpot was the only tool that was made for a business user to go in and get answers without needing to spend months learning how to use it.

Rachel Kozloski Product Owner of Self-Service Reporting

Our finance team can easily get granular, actionable insights on underlying sales growth, turnover and more with the scale and speed we need.

Vivek Malhotra Sr. Manager Customer Development Analytics

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Frequently asked questions

What is ThoughtSpot Sage?

ThoughtSpot Sage provides AI-powered analytics that takes search-driven analytics to the next level with natural language and generative AI. ThoughtSpot, together with LLM series of models combines the ease of natural language with the accuracy of our patented search and the governance your business demands. Now users can ask business questions in natural language to easily search for existing content across your analytics catalog, create new charts and visualizations, get AI-generated answers, get AI-powered search recommendations, and more.

Can ThoughtSpot Sage handle my data schema?

LLM series of models on its own has limitations in supporting complex data schemas required for analytics use cases. By bringing together ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology with LLM series of models, ThoughtSpot Sage is able to make natural language search work on business data. When business questions are typed into the search bar, an accurate business-ready SQL statement is generated and executed on a complex relational schema. This results in trusted, granular insights on ad-hoc questions tailored for you.

How do I know if the answers generated by ThoughtSpot Sage are accurate?

ThoughtSpot's patented search technology has been perfected over the last decade to produce accurate insights. ThoughtSpot Sage augments this with the power of LLM series of models, enabling a natural language experience that delivers trusted insights. You can ask deeper questions, drill anywhere, as well as provide feedback to the search engine, so humans are at the center of every interaction to ensure you get the most accurate answer you need.

What can I do to improve the quality of the search results?

ThoughtSpot Sage gives you the ability to provide feedback to the search engine to fine tune the quality of the search results. It learns from your input to generate more relevant answers to you.

What controls are in place to ensure privacy and security?

ThoughtSpot Sage is backed by SOC2 compliant Azure Cognitive Services. Information from the search data model is sent to them for the purposes of translating natural language queries to SQL. Data is encrypted in-transit and at rest. Microsoft & Open AI only stores non-PII and non-sensitive data to train and improve the model. For more information please see ThoughtSpot’s privacy statement.

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