Get Timely Insights.
Deliver Tailored

Treat your customers like averages,
expect average results.

As a banking leader looking to improve performance, you
need data on your side. ThoughtSpot helps bankers
quickly uncover actionable insights from every relevant
data source. From compliance, to operations to customer
experiences, your results will be far from average.

Put your bank's customer data to work - like never before.

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Know what your customers want. And give it to them.

The more you know your customer, the better you can anticipate what they'll respond to. ThoughtSpot data insights will help you discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities for specific products, services and offers.

With instant access to insights, our customers know that the bank is operating in the best possible way for them.

Cameron Currie, Head of Enterprise Cloud Reporting

Maximize your marketing with granular insights.

Instantly identify your most successful campaigns and run smarter promotions by measuring the customer impact of every engagement and channel.


How RBC improves campaign performance

Learn how RBC’s credit card services team partners with ThoughtSpot to improve campaign performance and help executives answer their own ad-hoc questions.

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Recapture lost revenue by spotting anomalies others miss.

Small errors and miscalculations across your business can add up to serious missed revenue. Quickly identify and correct fee, interchange, and interest anomalies to maximize revenue efficiency and boost financial performance.


Five Financial Services Case Studies in Growth

Read how banks like Bank of West are transforming the innovation process, reducing operational costs, lowering instances of fraud, and more.

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Ensure compliance in every corner of your company.

Get a comprehensive view of regulatory discrepancies with AI-driven insights. Understand patterns and implement safeguards throughout your organization to proactively mitigate compliance issues.


Customer Analysis Case Study

This Fortune 500 Bank gave their global credit card services team instant visibility into transaction data, so they could analyze behavior patterns and identify anomalies.

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Quickly spot unusual activity and other red flags.

Use data and AI-driven insights to better understand and act upon risks banks typically face, such as unusual account activity, credit risk, information security, and market and liquidity demands.

People used to wait days if not weeks to get information. Now they can get insights in seconds.

David Babich, Principle, Analytics Consultant

Reduce current expected credit losses with instant insights.

Empower bank personnel to quickly identify and prioritize every single at-risk borrower. Then take mitigating actions to reduce expected credit losses, thus increasing profitability and liquidity.


Loan & Credit Loss Prevention Analytics

In a volatile market, ThoughtSpot makes it simple for lenders to quickly gain granular insights into individual loans and to drive actions to reduce expected credit loss.

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See the future of financial services.

Artificial Intelligence is driving an entirely new wave of growth across financial services.

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How NAB uses insights to increase customer retention

See how NAB is harnessing data to further digital transformation all the name of improving and personalizing the customer journey.

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Financial Services Firms Need to Rethink Personalization

Read this report from Forrester Research to learn how financial services organizations should approach their personalization efforts to drive customer engagement and loyalty.


Managing Working Capital Amid Volatility

Learn how companies are mastering working capital management amid volatility to mitigate risk, improve cash positions and make decisions real time across your breadth of customers and suppliers.


Search & AI-Driven Analytics for Banking

Learn how banking professionals from the C-suite to branch managers are using search & AI to personalize the customer journey, reduce risk, operate more efficiently, and grow revenue.

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