ThoughtSpot Analytics:
AI-Powered insights at the speed of thought

With ThoughtSpot Analytics, you can answer any business question with data-backed, AI-powered insights served up in a familiar search interface your people will come back to over and over again.

Insights you need, when you need them

ThoughtSpot is an innovative analytics platform that empowers everyone—from the
C-suite to frontline teams—to search for answers to their business questions, get immediate insights, and make fact-driven decisions. Simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough to scale with the most complex data environments.

Search in natural language — stop waiting for answers.

Ask questions like a business leader, get insights like an analyst. Anyone can search for insights the way you’d ask your colleague a question. No technical expertise needed.

Diagnose in real time —
no more guessing.

Other tools tell you what, we tell you why. Stop settling for high-level insights and get to the root of the problem. Spot anomalies with SpotIQ’s AI-driven algorithm and quickly drill-down for granular details without the need for pre-defined drill paths.

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Liveboard visualization — because static dashboards don’t cut it.

Unlike dashboards with outdated insights, Liveboards offer a live and fully interactive view of your data. Keep a pulse on your business metrics with personalized, actionable insights.

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Best-in-Class Platform

Enable self-service with clean, powerful workflows.

  • Connect to your cloud data in minutes. No data movement or caching required.
  • Create flexible, governed, reusable data models, your way.
  • Whether you prefer dbt, custom SQL views, or our lightweight worksheets, you can create a fully scriptable, centrally governed data model in minutes from the Data Workspace.

Reliability and accuracy, guaranteed.

  • Securely govern your data at scale. Enterprise-grade data governance, security, and compliance built for the cloud.
  • Trusted answers and real-time insights.
  • No more inconstant answers or stale data. Centralized calculation and formulas ensure consistency.

Wow, this is exactly what I expected it to do. This can replace three or more things on my current report that I have to build manually today.

Eileen Bonney VP of Client Success

We now all look at our data consistently in ThoughtSpot. No more manipulation in spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

Sunny Bedi CIO & CDO

45 days worth of excel spreadsheets turned into 20 minutes with ThoughtSpot and we now have so much better insights because of it.

Rachel Hartley Performance Marketing Manager

With ThoughtSpot and dbt, we can quickly model and ship trusted data to generate business insights, saving us hours of productivity a week!

Jay KotechaSenior Data Scientist

ThoughtSpot was the only tool that was made for a business user to go in and get answers without needing to spend months learning how to use it.

Rachel Kozloski Product Owner of Self-Service Reporting

Our finance team can easily get granular, actionable insights on underlying sales growth, turnover and more with the scale and speed we need.

Vivek Malhotra Sr. Manager Customer Development Analytics
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