Spot IQ

SpotIQ: AI-Driven Insights

Surface hidden insights in seconds

The power of a thousand analysts in your hand.

It’s not easy to know where to look in your data for insights, let alone find the time to build your own reports and dashboards. Using the power of AI, SpotIQ automatically uncovers personalized insights and delivers them to you in seconds.

Spot IQ

Uncover root causes in a single click.

SpotIQ leverages the power of ThoughtSpot’s in-memory calculation engine to run thousands of queries on billions of rows of data and execute dozens of insight-detection algorithms.

Uncovers Anomalies

Identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behavior.

Identifies Leading Indicators

Identify causal relationships between business drivers and outcomes.

Isolates Trends

Analyze business data over time to identify consistent patterns in noisy data.

Segments Data

Identify similarities and differences between groups of data.

Get smarter insights as you search.

As people search to analyze their data in ThoughtSpot, SpotIQ learns what’s important and tunes its algorithms to provide more relevant insights. The more people and data in ThoughtSpot, the smarter it gets.

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SpotIQ learns what you like.

Thumb-up insights you like, thumb-down those you don’t. Your input makes the whole system smarter for everyone.

Trust every insight you get.

SpotIQ doesn’t behave like a black box. Humans are at the center of every interaction to create a trust-based, transparent interaction model.

Understands your
data model

Listens to your

Gives personalized

Makes calculations

How SpotIQ works.

Runs Sophisticated Algorithms

Auto-detect anomalies and outliers. Identify relationships between measures that you didn’t know about. Discover trends on noisy data. Analyze an entire data set or granularly explain differences between two data points.

Analyzes at Massive Scale

SpotIQ uses ThoughtSpot’s massively parallel in-memory calculation engine to execute thousands of queries to uncover interesting insights on billions of data combinations across multiple sources in seconds.

Get new insights explained in Natural Language

Spend less time interpreting data and charts. Actionable insights are described in a way you understand so you can make faster, better informed decisions.

Gathers Human Feedback

SpotIQ leverages ThoughtSpot's built-in DataRank machine-learning algorithm and reinforcement learning to find related data and get better with use.

Users can further enhance insights with explicit feedback to ensure relevant, trusted and accurate machine-discovered insights. Humans remain in the loop to fine-tune the model.

Delivers Push-based Insights

Subscribe to interesting insights or schedule recurring insight discovery jobs. Inject insights directly into conversations with the help of a bot. Get insights pushed to you when it matters most, even while you are on-the-go.

Insights at the speed of thought.