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Knowing where to look for “aha!” moments in your data isn’t easy. Using the power of machine learning and generative AI, SpotIQ automatically delivers personalized insights to you in seconds, so you can be confident about having the full view of what’s happening in your business.

Know what’s
happening with

Monitor your key business metrics on a Watchlist so you never miss a beat. Stay on top of unusual changes with automatic anomaly alerts, whether you’re at the office or on the go.

Get to the bottom of
changes sooner

Get the 360° view of changes in your business with automated change analysis. Using machine learning and generative AI, ThoughtSpot delivers meaningful drivers behind KPI changes in seconds, empowering you with insights to inform
your decisions.

Create predictive
forecasts on the fly

Forecast and explore possibilities with what-if scenarios to inform your decisions with SpotIQ’s machine learning model.

See your quick hits all
in one view

ThoughtSpot Liveboards serve quick
AI-generated highlights on how key metrics have changed and why, since your last visit.

Pick up on insights early

Uncover unusual patterns, leading indicators, and trends in billions of rows of data, with a single click. SpotIQ’s ML engine learns as you go, so your feedback makes the whole system smarter for all teams.

Uncover actionable insights fast

SpotIQ leverages the power of ThoughtSpot’s in-memory calculation engine to analyze
billions of rows of data and execute dozens of insight-detection algorithms.

Uncover Anomalies

Identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behavior using machine learning.

Identify Leading Indicators

Identify causal and correlative relationships between business drivers and outcomes.

Isolate Trends

Analyze business data over time to identify consistent patterns in noisy data.

Segment Data

Identify similarities and differences between cohorts of data.

Analyze Root Causes

Get the full picture by identifying change drivers and contributors for movements in your metrics.

Forecast Data

Forecast trends in your metrics and create what-if scenarios to optimize outcomes. Learn from past trends, growth and seasonality in the business to project how the target metric will trend in the future.

Set Future Scenarios

Adjust inputs in a forecast to predict data movements across different scenarios.

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are saying about us

Integration of ThoughtSpot Monitor with our proprietary business intelligence tool enhances our customers’ ability to effectively manage KPIs and helps them to identify key change drivers. Monitor automates these time-consuming activities.

Logan LaBonne Senior Product Manager

SpotIQ has immediately shown its value with a high adoption rate….AI-driven insight enables our users to spot key trends in their data in a matter of seconds.

Mark McGrath Head of Product

With SpotIQ for anomaly detection and change analysis, and soon-to-be-launched AI insights, ThoughtSpot enables us to empower our clients without them needing to be data experts.

David Aldred Insight Director
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Frequently asked questions

What is ThoughtSpot SpotIQ?

SpotIQ is ThoughtSpot’s augmented analytics technology platform that has advanced analyses and machine learning models. The insights from this platform are surfaced everywhere in ThoughtSpot.

How does ThoughtSpot SpotIQ work?

SpotIQ uses ThoughtSpot’s parallel in-memory calculation engine to analyze billions of rows of data and execute dozens of insight-detection algorithms, in seconds.

How does SpotIQ learn over time?

SpotIQ leverages ThoughtSpot's built-in usage-based ranking machine-learning algorithm and reinforcement learning to find related data and get better with use. Users can further enhance insights with explicit feedback to ensure relevant, trusted and accurate machine-discovered insights. Humans remain in the loop to fine-tune the model.

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