Platinum is a Cognizant proprietary software framework which has various modules and utilities for information value management.

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Platinum - Framework for Information Management
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Platinum has multiple modules with a variety of features for seamless data management. Features that are especially useful for ThoughtSpot implementations include:

  1. File Utilities:
    • Supports file handling with a diverse set of file conversion options
    • Simplifies file conversion for formats including JSON CSV, XML CSV and ASCII Excel
    • Simplifies conversion of delimiter in a file to the required delimiter
    • Simplifies file analysis/validation
  2. Data Analyzer:
    • Simplifies data analysis by profiling data and checking data quality using rules to certify data fitness
  3. QA Suite/ Data validation:
    • Simplifies database upgrade/migration validation by comparing source target data and identifying mismatches
    • Enables faster data comparison and allows for comparison across schemas/heterogeneous DBs/servers
    • Provides higher volume coverage for exhaustive identification of mismatches, missing and duplicate records
  4. Bigdata suite:
    • Simplifies big data validation by comparing source target data and identifying mismatches
    • Source Data analyzer to convert JSON/XML/Avro to csv
  5. Code Review:
    • Simplifies ETL code review by rapidly identifying coding bugs, naming standards and usage settings to improve code health.


  • Proactive vision: Identifies and minimizes conversion errors much earlier, allowing for optimal implementation
  • Drives operational excellence: Critical process automation results in increased productivity across the project cycle
  • Improved quality assurance with optimal cost: High percentage of automation with features such as code analysis, data validation and automated quality analysis
  • Collaboration & Reuse: Platinum provides a one stop shop to address different phases of the project cycle and enforce end-to-end QA. It also works as a global knowledge repository and enables ThoughtSpot users with better understanding of data elements and naming conventions and enhanced search capability.
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Support for best of breed technology stacks

How it Works

Platinum is typically implemented in three phases with POCs completed within two to three weeks. ​

  1. Learn:
    • PLATINUM team interacts with user to understand needs & fitment
    • Demo attendees followed up for fitment review
    • Upon use case fitment, Platinum team presents internal/ customer demo
  2. Try:
    • Project team identify users for POC scope
    • POC scope includes understanding customer environment, analyze data volume and real time Platinum implementation to check use case fitment.
    • Platinum team will assist in this onboarding phase as per standard support model
    • Start with actual implementation and add additional users as/if required.
    • User adoption scaled up post successful POC
    • Project team to share the soft monetary savings realized as part of PLATINUM usage

It takes 2-3 weeks to complete the POC implementation.

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