ThoughtSpot for
Procurement Analytics

What if your procurement team could get a 360 view across all dimensions of a supplier’s performance?

With ThoughtSpot, procurement professionals can better manage their suppliers in order to lower costs, reduce supplier and location concentration risk, receive deliveries in a more timely manner, and improve quality - in seconds.

Example Search #1: Total Spend by Product Group and Supplier

Example Search #2: Unit Cost by Monthly Date Delivered and Supplier

Example Search #3: SpotIQ insights on Total Spend by Product

Make faster decisions and enhance
the procurement process.

Get insights on the most granular data for a full perspective of a supplier’s
performance to enable data-driven strategic sourcing and vendor negotiations.

Cost Efficiency

Find cost saving opportunities with insights into total spend by supplier, costs per product across suppliers, minimum unit cost possible, and more.

Risk Mitigation

Discover whether you are at risk due to regional events, such as new tariffs, so you can predict the impact on your bottom line.

Time Optimization

Manage inventory and impact on downstream operations more efficiently by determining which suppliers are leaders and laggards for timeliness and quality of delivery.

Quality Assurance

Identify patterns in ordered quantity versus rejected quality for a particular product or supplier so that you can align future purchasing and timing to strengthen overall quality.

"ThoughtSpot is helping us make a major financial impact thanks to the insights we’re getting on productivity improvements, license savings, and better purchasing decisions."


ThoughtSpot for Supplier 360

Procurement professionals from the world’s leading brands use ThoughtSpot to uncover insights around cost, risk, timeliness, and quality, measure supplier performance, and better manage supplier relationships.

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Insights at the speed of thought.