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Power your Agency Mission with Search & AI

With ThoughtSpot, anyone in your agency can use search & AI to analyze billions of rows of data across all perspectives of your agency – from mission critical planning systems, authoritative financial systems of record or case management applications - in seconds.

Designed for true self-service to drive the mission forward.

ThoughtSpot’s AI-engine SpotIQ surfaces automated insights on the fly as you search, and answers questions you didn’t think to ask in a single click.

Anyone, from the Agency Director to business analysts can search to analyze billions of rows of data from any source.

Drive the Mission with Search & AI

Whether you’re a Program Manager, analyst or on the front-lines, you can get instant answers
with ThoughtSpot, allowing you to truly meet the mandate to do more with less.

Program Manager (Operational)

Regardless of whether your program is focused on enhancing citizen services, identifying threats, securing the homeland or identifying patterns of waste, fraud and abuse; ThoughtSpot can help you improve Program performance with instant access to the status of program, scenario planning, financial metrics and the ability to respond to ad-hoc leadership inquiries on a daily basis.

Analyst (Mission-Focus)

Get instant answers to support your agencies mission; whether you are an Investigative Analyst , Case Manager, workforce analyst or logistician – ThoughtSpot helps you rapidly respond to the changing mission needs of the Agency so that you can advance counterterrorism efforts, improve workforce planning and optimize the logistic support when time matters most.


No matter what your department — defense, agriculture, health and human services, education, homeland security, tax and revenue management, you need instant answers to optimize your Agency. Deliver an immediate response to scenario-planning taskers; reduce the days of data-collection responding to OMB and Congressional inquiries and deliver actionable insights to the front-lines.


Power to the People

Learn how Search and AI-Driven Analytics is bringing a more democratized approach to data access and management for public sector applications from workforce insights to military readiness to disaster response and recovery and beyond.

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Assess and Rapidly Respond with Faster Speed to Insight

Learn how ThoughtSpot can unite organizations across the government to fight the spread of COVID-19 by providing decision makers across the DOD with instant answers they can act on – now.

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Actionable insights for federal agencies

Workforce Planning

Anticipate mission changes, improve recruiting efforts, identify resource allocation and react appropriately, by automatically surfacing visible and accessible insights from AI-Driven analytics.

Recruiting - "Winning the War on Talent"

To maintain mission effectiveness the government needs to develop the next generation workforce. ThoughtSpot allows everyone in the organization to ask any combination of adhoc questions to make recruiting efforts more effective.


Mission readiness depends on the right skill set. From activity training requirements and deficiencies, to Leadership Development Program statistics – ThoughtSpot let's people of all levels of the agency get granular insights from data with search & AI.

Case Management

Whether benefits or investigations, case management is series of steps and processes that raise an unlimited combination of data questions. ThoughtSpot allows your agency to create a centralized view to better understand where inefficiencies and bottlenecks exist and improve response times and citizen engagement.

Homeland Security (Counterterrorism)

Protecting our nation is of paramount importance. Increasingly, finding the “needle in the haystack” is becoming more taxing for agencies as data volumes continue to grow. Identifying areas of interest and suspicious activity is easy with ThoughtSpot-- our AI-engine automatically analyzes vast amounts of data in seconds looking for outliers and anomalies, taking the guesswork out of where to best focus limited resources.


There is fraud in almost every agency from false Social Security claims to tax evasion. It’s estimated the US government loses $80B a year due to Medicare fraud and improper payments alone. Rapidly identifying fraudulent activity means citizens can continue to rely on a high quality of service and help our country maintain the integrity of its program. With ThoughtSpot, our AI-engine surfaces anomalies, allowing agencies to leverage their existing IT investment, while modernizing the information delivery to allow analysts to make decisions in minutes, rather than days or even weeks.


Missions change--ThoughtSpot helps your agency be ready, regardless of the question. Do I have enough people with the right position code, skill set, training, clearance levels? Where is my closest deployment-ready equipment and what is its availability? ThoughtSpot enables your agency to ask these questions and get instant response; allowing you to more effectively allocate resources and meet the mission.


A New Approach to Data Analytics

Search-driven analytics puts the power of AI in the hands of even non-technical employees.

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