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Theia is an Enterprise Analytics Hub, Centrally Managing Content from any Dashboarding, Visualization or Reporting Solution in a Single, Unified Platform.

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Embedded Insights by Theia

Technology Solutions
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Theia provides a number of ‘in the box’ connectors for more than a dozen systems like ThoughtSpot, PowerBI, Tableau and others. Also included are connectors for the file system, Box, GoogleDrive and SharePoint. For systems where Theia does not provide a prebuilt connector, there is an API which allows customers to create connectors for in-house and off the shelf applications. Additional features include:

  • Single user experience
  • Federated Search
  • Seamless upgrades and migrations
  • Future proof for mergers and acquisitions


  • Increase adoption of BI tools and support for digital transformation initiatives
  • Drive business performance and potential by using existing and new data sources and techniques
  • Improve business processes to maximize organizational efficiency
  • Mitigate risks to the business
  • Monetize data assets
  • Seamlessly integrate acquired businesses into existing business portfolio

How It Works

Theia provides the ability to combine multiple informational assets including business intelligence, augmented analytics, and contextual information which may live on the file system, Box, SharePoint or even GoogleDrive, into a single user experience. Gone are the days where you’re required to log into multiple systems to try to understand the stories your data has to tell.

This is simple to install and configure in your on-premise or cloud environment. It does not require special skills or months of time and dedication. Theia can be up and running in a matter of days, not months.