Get insights at the
speed of thought

Your data, right when you need it

Answer your own data questions, follow key metrics, get alerts to
take action, and understand what is changing and why.

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Never wait for a report or dashboard again

You wouldn’t wait five days for a Google search result. So why wait that long for insights? Now you can get instant insights when you need them and take action in the moment.

Analytics as easy as your favorite app

Getting answers to your data questions has never been easier. Or faster. Get instant answers simply by typing into a search bar, just like you would on Google. Or get recommendations like you would on YouTube or Spotify.

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"ThoughtSpot turns everyone into Iron Man. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. Finally, the democratization of data has become a reality."
AuthorDirector of Sales

Get to “why” faster

Monitor your data on the go and always be the first to know what changed—and better yet, why. Follow key metrics with a click, and get insights delivered straight to your inbox or phone with the ThoughtSpot mobile app.

"Finally, a BI product our traders love. ThoughtSpot helps us make smarter decisions."
AuthorSecurities Lending,Fortune 500 Financial Advisor

Shape your data narrative

Get to what matters most in seconds, and shape your personalized data story on the fly. See your business data exactly how you want to see it, so you can quickly and easily weave it into compelling, action-inspiring stories.

Reap the rewards of a data fluent culture

Watch the collective impact of your team go through the roof when everyone is confidently making data-driven decisions. That’s what happens when data becomes part of your everyday business language. Your teams will think it, type it, see it, and speak it—all in seconds.

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"ThoughtSpot helps us take insights about how consumers interact with our products and act on them with speed."
AuthorMatt O'Brien, Category AccountManager – Ecommerce

Why Business Leaders
Love ThoughtSpot

"With ThoughtSpot, we quickly get the answers we’re looking for and can make meaningful business decisions."
Grant FoleyCFO & Head of Risk
“ThoughtSpot gives us velocity to insight, which is crucial to making the right business decisions and driving our business forward.”
Matt O'BrienCategory Account Manager,
“With ThoughtSpot, our scientists can search instantly across trial results. That’s critical to speeding up our time-to-market and keeping patients safe.”
Fortune 200
Pharma Company
Global Head of Research
“ThoughtSpot is helping our 700 store managers answer their own questions in seconds. It’s a game changer for our company.“
Fortune 500
Mass Retailer
Chief Marketing Officer

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