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Voice/Speech Analytics

With ThoughtSpot’s search and AI-driven analytics platform and VoiceBase’s Enterprise Accelerator, businesses can now tap into the full power of their voice data to gain knowledge across all of their call recordings like never before.

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AI-Powered Voice Analytics by Axis Group

Voice/Speech Analytics
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VoiceBase provides AI-Powered Voice Analytics for customer interactions. This solution models the VoiceBase data to make it searchable in ThoughtSpot with integration with the VoiceBase player, which is used to listen to the call audio or display the call transcript. readmission encounter.


Unlock customer insights with VoiceBase and ThoughtSpot. Very few market solutions allow for this ability to take advantage of rich voice of customer data. Voice analytics can be used to improve employee performance, drive customer growth, revenue growth and retention, or reduce costs to serve customers. VoiceBase provides a gold mine of data related to customers and business processes, ThoughtSpot can mine that data into insights and Axis Group can help bring it to life in your business.

How It Works

VoiceBase produces extensive dataset related to customer interactions. This data includes a full breakdown of what was said on calls, what the caller and agent sentiment was, how the call was handled and what topic were discussed. This data is outputted to a cloud-based or on-premise database of your choice. Axis Group has modeled VoiceBase data to be optimized for Search and automated insights within ThoughtSpot. By using the power of Search and AI-driven insight, companies can gain critical insights to fuel business performance. ThoughtSpot allows drill down to the lowest level and can point back to VoiceBase to explore the actual call audio recording and transcript.

This is the solution to support the strategic partnership between ThoughtSpot and VoiceBase: