ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow

Go from reactive
to proactive

Increase operational efficiencies across even the most complex IT environments with instant insights from ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud.

Respond faster with granular insights

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it. ThoughtSpot provides a holistic view of your entire IT operations with consumer-grade analytics powered by search and AI.


Design technology transformations that drive meaningful business value and outcomes.

IT pros

Identify performance bottlenecks, system failures, and rising infrastructure costs sooner.

Service desk

Stay ahead of service degradations, resource constraints and system

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with your ServiceNow data

Problem management

Spot anomalies across
all of your endpoints

Make sense of millions of events and effectively triage problems based on business impact to stay ahead of service degradations, resource constraints, and system outages.

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Incident management

Pinpoint the root causes of critical incidents

Drill down into the granular details of critical system failures and outages to understand what issues are occuring, how to repair them, and where you can apply insights to mitigate future occurrences.

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Change management

Get ahead of blockers

Track the progress of your most important IT projects and streamline the path from implementation to adoption.

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Cost and operational management

Align your spend with business initiatives

Analyze IT operations in the context of business needs to understand how business services will be impacted, dynamically prioritize changes, and reduce risk.

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Snowflake hits 99% of IT commit goals with ThoughtSpot

See how Snowflake decreased IT backlog and increased time spent on transformational IT initiatives by 20% with ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics

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