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Accelerate your knowledge & user adoption of ThoughtSpot! Our role-based training options include live Instructor-Led training sessions, on-demand, self-paced eLearning, and a comprehensive certification program to suit all your needs.

Learning made simple for all users.

Get trained when & where you want! Choose live, in-person or remote classes to learn directly from our expert trainers & benefit from the flexibility of anytime/anywhere microlearning found at ThoughtSpot U, our eLearning portal. Level-up your ThoughtSpot expertise by attaining certification on the platform.

Find the Learning Path that's Right for You

Our training content is organized into 5 role-based learning paths to help you priortize the courses most relevant to you. These paths include all Instructor-Led, eLearning, and Certification options. Select one of the roles below to get started on your education journey.

  • Business User
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Expert
  • Architect
  • Developer

Business User

A Business User is anyone who wants to get answers from data. This person may be getting direct access to data for the first time, so no prior experience is needed. Beyond simply viewing canned reports, the Business User can benefit from asking new questions, exploring data on their own, & understanding AI-generated insights.

Business User Learning Path sample topics:

  • Navigating the ThoughtSpot Interface
  • Understanding Answers & Pinboards
  • Mastering Basic Searches
  • Changing the Visualization
  • Drilling on Data
  • Using Filters

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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is a Business User who’s ready to learn more. They understand how to find business value in data & share their findings with the wider team. They may be responsible for creating answers for other Business Users. They accomplish more advanced analyses by modeling business rules & tracking important metrics. Business Analysts learn how to uncover new answers through advanced use of AI generated insights.

Business Analyst Learning Path sample topics:

  • Creating Pinboards
  • Using SpotIQ
  • Advanced Searches
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Creating Formulas
  • Uploading Data

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Data Expert

The Data Expert is responsible for bringing new data sources into ThoughtSpot & optimizing the data for use by Business Users & Business Analysts. They might stage data & load it or connect to external data sources. They can validate that the data is correct & available, with the right security settings. A Data Expert knows how to enable self service by making sure the end user search experience is fast & intuitive.

Data Expert Learning Path sample topics:

  • Preparing Data for Loading
  • Creating the Schema
  • Loading Data
  • Using Embrace
  • Creating Worksheets
  • Using Views
  • Setting Up Row Level Security

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The ThoughtSpot Architect has the technical skills to implement ThoughtSpot end-to-end & understands the best practices for deploying in a production environment. They can apply knowledge of data modeling & worksheet design best practices when implementing a new use case. They have the judgement to make good decisions, even when working with nonstandard schemas & data. They know how to monitor & troubleshoot ThoughtSpot to provide the best possible usability & performance.

ThoughtSpot Architect Learning Path sample topics:

  • ThoughtSpot Architecture
  • Security & User/Group Management
  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Data Modeling Best Practices
  • Worksheet Design Best Practices
  • Embedding ThoughtSpot
  • Performance Tuning

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The ThoughtSpot Developer has the technical skillsto embed ThoughtSpot search and AI-driven analytics into their applications using the ThoughtSpot embed SDK and Rest API.

ThoughtSpot Developer Learning Path sample topics:

  • Developer Portal
  • ThoughtSpot Embed SDK
  • ThoughtSpot Rest API
  • Custome Style
  • Custom Actions

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