Getting the Best Out of BI Technologies

Most companies have some kind of data system in place. But it pays to ask: Is your organization currently getting the best out of its BI technologies? If not, it’s time to change how you approach strategic business intelligence. Here are some of the signs of an optimized BI system.

Improved Efficiency

End users should be able to answer their own business intelligence questions—no intermediate IT or data teams required. Efficiency improves when people have the power to query stored data for themselves, whether they’re seeking marketing insights, sales performance stats or anything in between.

The Relational Search Engine from ThoughtSpot allows users to type their queries much like they would on any online search engine. It returns results in seconds, automatically creating a data visualization model to match. There’s no “middle man” in this model because users can do it themselves.

This approach further eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming BI training. Users don’t have to be fluent in SQL to successfully produce insights and reports. The Relational Search Engine guides users by offering suggestions to they can find what they need.

Better Collaboration

Data insights don’t exist in a vacuum. Users need a way to disseminate BI throughout their team, department, company and entire ecosystem. Embedded BI means they can. For example, ThoughtSpot integrates directly into business apps and workflows in multiple forms for simple collaboration at a glance.

Greater Profitability

Business intelligence and performance management go hand in hand. The best in BI allows leaders to monitor performance at all levels—answering their ad hoc questions and discovering insights buried within data.

The SpotIQ AI Engine uses artificial intelligence to uncover actionable insights, accomplishing in seconds what would take a team of human analysts hours. Leaders can then base their business decisions upon any relevant patterns, anomalies and indicators that emerge. Data-driven decisions then help companies trim excess expenditures and boost revenue, all thanks to BI powered by AI. Furthermore, machine-learning algorithms help hone this technology over time so insights get consistently more useful.

Greater Oversight

Of course, companies need a way to oversee data usage. Scalable, centralized governance keeps data secure at every level. Useful features include:

  • Specific access permissions for thousands of groups and millions of users

  • Traceable data for clear auditing from result to source

  • Customizable security at object, row and column levels

The best BI technologies help companies of all types thrive. Find out more today!

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