Wellthy saves over $200k by increasing analyst efficiency with ThoughtSpot’s
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Wellthy believe that caring for each other is the most fundamental part of being a human. They aim to make caring for loved ones easier by helping users navigate the logistic and administrative tasks associated with caregiving—healthcare, childcare, finances, and even legal services. As a member of Wellthy, you have access to personalized care coordination and precision technology to help track the implementation of your loved one's care journey.

Businesses that offer Wellthy as an employee benefit reduce the care burden disproportionately placed on women and minority groups. This peace of mind correlates with increased productivity, and improved retention rates for Wellthy’s employer partners—all numbers that Wellthy backs up through data and analysis. Internally, Wellthy also relies on data to coordinate care, understand employee workload, initiate marketing campaigns, and identify product growth opportunities.

Wellthy’s Head of Data Science and Analytics, Kelly Burdine, manages the five-person analyst team responsible for delivering real-time analytics and insights to Wellthy’s partners, customers, and a variety of internal teams.


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There's so much work that goes into data from the back end—modeling, transforming, building out dashboards, producing insights, and so on. But, if data isn’t being used to make a decision, then you're missing the most important part right? The last mile is key.
Kelly BurdineHead of Data Science and AnalyticsWellthy


For the data and analytics team, speed was a consistent hurdle. Their legacy business intelligence tool required Python and SQL input, meaning every routine report and one-off request had to be manually generated by this small-but-mighty team. This left no bandwidth for analysts to proactively implement larger data initiatives.

It’s really important to get data in the hands of people that need it to make decisions, but timing is key. It’s not helpful to get the data one week later— you need the data when making decisions.
Kelly BurdineHead of Data Science and AnalyticsWellthy

In addition, the data team was responsible for preparing a monthly PDF for the Care Team to deliver to each employer partner. This report included statistics such as employee usage and other vital metrics demonstrating Wellthy’s value. However, the report didn’t allow Care Team members to drill down into the data and proactively identify insights that would reduce customer churn. If a team member spotted a data point of concern, they needed to return to the data team to request deeper insights.

For every 20 employees we hired, I needed another analyst to keep up with the data demand.
Kelly BurdineHead of Data Science and AnalyticsWellthy


Kelly knew that in order to scale, Wellthy needed a true self-service analytics solution. Additionally, the data team was looking for an analytics layer that would integrate with their current workflows—allowing analysts to utilize previously created dbt descriptions and definitions in order to decrease errors and maximize efficiency.

After evaluating their shortlist of analytics tools, ThoughtSpot was at the top. Wellthy started with ThoughtSpot’s 30-day free trial. The data and analytics team was impressed by ThoughtSpot’s user-friendly search interface, which allowed users to visualize real-time data, filter and drill into specific searches, and pin charts to custom Liveboards. Immediately, the team knew they could leverage this functionality to replace their Care Team’s rigid PDFs—this became their first use case.

Wow, this is exactly what I expected it to do. This can replace three or more things on my current report that I have to build manually today.
Eileen BonneyVP of Client SuccessWellthy

Wellthy partnered with InterWorks to aid in the development and execution of their implementation strategy. With this additional support, Wellthy connected their data warehouse and dbt models to Thoughtspot in just 30 days—half the amount of time they originally allotted for the implementation of their first use case.

InterWorks also assisted Wellthy with data literacy training, arming the Client Success team with the confidence they need to ask questions of their data—questions like: “how many employees are using the care concierge service?” and “how many of those employees are using Wellthy for childcare?” With this data, the Care Team is empowered to identify opportunities, create targeted awareness campaigns around their services, and provide more value for their employer partners.

With their Client Success team actively using ThoughtSpot, Wellthy’s data and analytics team turned its attention to implementing additional use cases for managers, marketers, and product builders. Today, the team has 75 active users on ThoughtSpot—a 281% increase over their legacy BI and analytics tool.


Since launching ThoughtSpot, Wellthy has been able to infuse data into decision making across the business. Here are just a few examples:

  • The Client Success team uses granular insights to further employer partner value
  • Managers better support their 200+ member Care Team and drive operational success
  • Marketers view a central Liveboard to analyze engagement metrics and calculate ROI
  • Product builders visualize user engagement to prioritize the product roadmap

Importantly, Wellthy can now bring data into the boardroom. With ThoughtSpot, execs have up-to-date information that they can use to make data-driven decisions about the direction of the company. Here’s an example from one of Kelly’s office hour sessions with the CEO:

I was sharing some data internally and our CEO wanted to see the data compared to last year. So, I just typed into the search bar and a visualization appeared comparing the data between 2021 and 2022. She said, ‘Oh my gosh—this is great!!’ She was impressed with how easy the data was to access.
Kelly BurdineHead of Data Science and AnalyticsWellthy

To that point, Kelly’s five-person data and analytics team has doubled their output over the last six months—a metric they only expect to grow. Instead of churning out reports and ad-hoc requests, the team is now focused on building data literacy and developing new Liveboards that empower front-line business users to find their own insights. They’ve also been able to meet the data and analytics demands of their growing team without having to hire additional analysts, resulting in at least $200K in direct savings.

What's next

Wellthy recently rolled out a company-wide Liveboard to provide high-level insights about their performance across the organization. Now, with this new found bandwidth, the data team plans to integrate additional data sources like Zendesk, Quickbooks, and Snowplow. These will support new initiatives around operational analytics and better product prioritization. Wellthy is also committed to furthering data literacy across the organization, empowering every user to interact with their data for more informed decision making.