Top 3 Use Cases for Customer Analytics in Telecom

Staying competitive in today’s telecommunications industry requires understanding customer expectations and behavior. 

Telecom customer analytics help marketers, managers and customer service leaders keep close tabs on subscriber behavior—but also drill down into company data to figure out why certain things are happening.

When employees throughout an organization have a wealth of data at their fingertips, they can use it to make more informed decisions. This goes a long way toward reducing customer churn and boosting loyalty.

Keep reading to learn more about use cases of business intelligence for telecommunications.

  1. Customer Analytics in Marketing
    Marketers are always trying to answer two basic questions: “Who are our top customers?” and “How can we best target them?” Empowering marketing managers with responsive telecom customer analytics means they can instantly analyze:

    • Subscriber usage data
    • Customer information
    • Social media posts

    Using search-driven analytics from ThoughtSpot, marketers can ask questions about customers in real time, then use the answers to optimize campaigns. There’s no longer a need to wait for static reports from data specialists; employees can instead query data and receive answers on the spot—and automatically generated as an interactive visualization, to boot.

    Let’s say you wanted to look at recent campaign performance. It’d be as simple as entering [net new subscribers] [by campaign] [time period] and waiting for the chart to appear.

  2. End User Accessibility
    Relying on the clunky, siloed BI systems of yesteryear only slows down progress. Without an easy way to disseminate information throughout a company, there’s also room for miscommunication.

    To put it simply: Anyone can use ThoughtSpot if they have permission. And, embedded dashboard tools make it easy for anyone to share intel through centralized workflows and portals.

  3. Customer Analytics for Finance Leaders
    Your bottom line depends on offering customers products they want and need at a price point they deem reasonable. Maintaining this delicate balance is the only way you’ll acquire new subscribers while keeping your existing ones.

    Using analytics, finance leaders can keep a close eye on growth rates by subscription and model. They can also uncover valuable upsell opportunities based on customers’ purchasing and usage patterns.

    A basic query would look something like this: [revenue growth] [by plan name] [model] [time period].

  4. Customer Analytics for Customer Service
    Customers expect increasingly responsive care. How can your telecommunications company deliver that without reading their minds? Well, your employees can analyze customer behavior—like complaints and service issues.

When employees across departments have access to telecom customer analytics, they can use the insights they glean to make wiser decisions. Get started in a free trial to find out what ThoughtSpot can do for your business!

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