Measuring Performance with Telecom KPI Analysis

Telecom companies in today’s competitive market need a way to constantly monitor performance if they hope to reduce inefficiencies and streamline revenue. The first step is deciding which key performance indicators (KPIs) are significant. These KPIs define how companies gauge performance in relation to goals.

From there, it’s possible to conduct an actual telecom KPI analysis using the latest business intelligence tools available to communications companies.

Monitoring Performance with Telecom KPIs

What are some examples of telecom KPIs closely related to customer loyalty and revenue? Here are just a few examples of metrics communications companies often use:

  • Subscriber acquisition cost: SAC conveys the average cost of acquiring a new subscriber.

  • Customer churn: Customer churn represents the rate of user turnover—and is vitally important for gauging the effectiveness of marketing, customer relations and network service.

  • Network operating cost: This KPI informs you how much it’s costing to upkeep your network so you can compare it against the return per user.

Different departments and teams will develop and track different KPIs depending on their various responsibilities and business objectives. But how?

Implementing BI Solutions in Communications

To analyze KPIs, telecom employees need a way to query company data. Using a self-service BI tool like the relational search engine from ThoughtSpot allows any user to “ask a question” and receive an answer in seconds. This empowers employees to make data-driven decisions based on KPIs in a timely manner—and without having to wait for static reports from a designated team of data specialists. The relational search engine and resulting data visualization models are embeddable across business apps and portals, making it simpler for everyone to get on the same page regarding performance.

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