Why Cloud BI Is Essential to Business Growth

In a business world that prioritizes data, most organizations haven’t found a way to put theirs to proper use.

Per a Gartner survey of nearly 200 organizations, 91 percent said they had yet to reach a transformative level of maturity in data and analytics even though it’s been a number-one investment priority in recent years.

Some organizations haven’t invested in cloud BI solutions while others have over-spent on their data team yet still deal with reporting bottlenecks. In both cases, data democratization hasn’t been accomplished.

Learn about cloud business intelligence and why cloud business intelligence solutions like ThoughtSpot are the answer.

What Is Cloud BI?

Cloud-based Bi tools refer to business intelligence and data analytic applications hosted on virtual networks. These applications allow companies to analyze operating health, identify improvements and future trends, and make critical business decisions, among other benefits.

What Do Cloud-Based Tools Provide?

Compared to traditional on-premise BI software, cloud BI solutions are more affordable to implement and give a business greater agility in how they operate. These tools also scale with a company and improve collaboration within the workplace.

An often-overlooked cog to succeeding in data initiatives is accessible data. When employees can’t find answers to their questions on their own, productivity halts and morale could suffer. Modern cloud BI solutions are user-friendly, integrate all data sources and improve the overall supply chain.

Gives Employees Self-Serve Insights

In a fast-paced economy where companies are looking for the next edge over their competitors, they shouldn’t look past their employees. Employees present strength in numbers, but only if they’re motivated and engaged to succeed.

ThoughtSpot’s relational search experience allows users to access their business’ data suite without having to go through a data analyst. Anytime a question or curiosity surfaces, users can type their query in simple language and receive instant insights with detailed data visualizations.

Consolidates Dozens of Data Sources, Supports Unlimited Data Volumes

Quintillions of data are being created every day. On the business end, many tools are used to collect this data. Without a cloud-based BI tool, funneling this raw information through one view is difficult. More data sources usually increase the likelihood of data silos, which diminishes data quality and makes cross-department communication challenging.

Cloud BI tools remove the risk of data silos by integrating all data regardless of source. As your number of collection tools grows, so will ThoughtSpot — weaving every additional source into a tailored search-driven analytics experience.

Supports Unlimited Data Volume

Adding more on-premise hardware to keep pace with data accumulation isn’t practical for the vast majority of businesses. Just as companies need cloud tools to package all their data sources into one platform neatly, they also need the cloud to handle their growing volume of raw information. ThoughtSpot uses distributed cluster management to grow with an organization’s data without compromising any user experience while in-memory calculation ensures fast, accurate insights based on billions of rows of data.

Enables Your Entire Business Ecosystem to Succeed

A company may only feel invested in or motivated to improve their direct supply chain and consider the other moving pieces beyond their control. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Embedded analytics allows suppliers, partners, customers and any other business in your supply chain to embed a relational search bar, dashboard and charts via custom data APIs.

With instant access to a wealth of data, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing all facets of your supply chain become leaner.

Harness the power of search and AI-driven analytics for your organization. Watch our demo video to see how ThoughtSpot functions.

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