Get Hands on with the New Analytics Stack: ThoughtSpot Joins Snowflake’s Partner Connect Program

My entire career, I’ve loved building cutting edge technology that advances the way the world uses data. In fact, building the modern analytics stack was the main reason I decided to join ThoughtSpot. The world is ready for the next wave of innovation in data, built for the cloud and infused with AI.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce ThoughtSpot as the newest member of Snowflake’s Partner Connect program. Now, Snowflake users can try ThoughtSpot in their instance of Snowflake, making it easier than ever to see and experience data in a completely new way - all through a simple search.

As organizations move the bulk of their data and systems to the cloud, it's increasingly important to adopt a modern analytic architecture that enables them to drive innovative business solutions. By bringing ThoughtSpot's search and AI-driven analytics platform directly to Snowflake's cloud data platform, we're empowering every person to easily explore data, instantly find insights, and transform how they operate.

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership with ThoughtSpot as we advance our joint mission of improving the way the world uses data. Leaders in every industry are ready for a new way to put their data to work as they look to transform their businesses. By bringing ThoughtSpot into the Partner Connect program, these leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to see how search and AI-driven analytics in a cloud data platform can help them do so,” said Christian Kleinerman

Senior Vice President, Product, Snowflake.

Experience the New Stack in Action

Over the last year, it’s become increasingly clear the analytics market is at another inflection point. Just as we moved from the world of monolithic business intelligence stacks dominated by companies like Cognos and Business Objects to visual analytics where companies like Qlik and Tableau reigned supreme, we’re moving to a new paradigm. Cloud computing, machine learning, and AI are creating completely new opportunities for the world of analytics, and a new stack is emerging to bring this innovation to customers.

ThoughtSpot provides an intuitive, yet powerful frontend to engage with this new stack in a way everyone already knows - search. This is because search is the core of our platform, not an added feature. We were specifically architected to make search work for the cloud and at massive scale. While others have jumped onto the search bandwagon, as our cofounder Ajeet likes to say “10 lines of javascript and a search bar does not make true enterprise search.”

Snowflake is the perfect partner to act as the foundation of this new stack. They are native to the cloud, and optimized for performance at enterprise scale.

The New Stack Goes Beyond Technology

While innovation in technology is a central component of this new stack, it extends beyond just features, products, or code. Just as the way the world uses data is changing, data companies need to change their business models to adapt to this world.

Here at ThoughtSpot, we don’t believe in punishing you for successfully getting your business users to adopt self-service analytics. That’s why we don’t charge on a per-user licensing model. Snowflake shares this mentality, charging only by what data is used, not who you inspire to use it. Why should you pay more for helping your organization become a data-driven business?

“It’s fantastic seeing ThoughtSpot and Snowflake, two organizations on the bleeding edge of innovation in terms of technology and business philosophy, team up to bring even more value to the market. The partnership will help us to efficiently deliver business results to our customers and accelerate their transformation journeys,” said Ranjan Sinha, President, Axis Group.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t take our word for it - try it out for yourself today.