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Why ThoughtSpot and Snowflake?

Granular insights at the
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Search to analyze directly on Snowflake’s high performance, zero management, built-for-the Data Cloud.

Instant answers with
live queries

Eliminate the need to move data by running queries directly in Snowflake to give you the most up-to-date answers.

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Easily connect to Snowflake and get answers in three easy steps.

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Pre-built Solutions to Get You Started

Help marketers and sales teams fully understand the complete customer journey to improve customer acquisition and retention

Scale to massive volumes of spend, supply chain, and logistics data and get insights to maximize the buying power of every dollar

Uncover deeper insights, drive innovation, and discover untapped opportunities from IoT and machine data stored in Snowflake

Get live insights to ensure next gen network rollouts line
up with demand

How Cisco Accelerates Case
Resolution with ThoughtSpot + Snowflake

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Bring Your Snowpark Analytics
Functions to Life

With Snowflake Snowpark, you can load functions written in Java, Python, Javascript and more to Snowflake. When you write the results of your analytics functions to a table in Snowflake that ThoughtSpot can see, the rest of the workflow leverages SQL to bring your insights to life. And with ThoughtSpot live-queries on Snowflake, you always have the most up-to-date results.

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Your search engine for Telecom Data Cloud

Unleash Fast Insights from Snowflake with the Power of Search & AI

Search and AI-Driven Analytics for Snowflake

Customer 360 Analytics

Procurement Analytics

IoT Analytics

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