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Why ThoughtSpot on Snowflake?

Hundreds of companies globally trust ThoughtSpot and Snowflake for
their data and analytics. Why? Our partnership delivers continuous
innovation and the highest level of performance. Together,
we empower businesses to unlock the true value of their data using
natural language search and AI-powered insights.

Seamless integration

Launch ThoughtSpot directly from Snowflake’s Partner Connect center and run live queries across billions of rows of data without compromising speed or quality.

Answers at the speed of thought

Empower users to access invaluable insights using natural language search and generative AI on your Snowflake data, and collaborate across teams with interactive Liveboards.

AI governance and

Generate Snowflake-ready SQL with LLM-powered, natural language search. Human-in-the-loop machine learning gets smarter and more refined for always-accurate results.

ThoughtSpot brings insights to the sales teams in a matter of minutes.

Iwao Fusillo
eCommerce Data & Analytics Chief

ThoughtSpot Everywhere made it incredibly easy to turn our vision into reality. ThoughtSpot’s direct integration with both Snowflake and dbt is a perfect fit.

Tran Zha
Senior Software Engineer

We can take a table from Snowflake straight to Thoughtspot, slice and dice it, and in a few hours, it’s done.

Laura Travers
Senior Business Partner, Data & Insights

ThoughtSpot Sage delivers on ThoughtSpot’s promise of bringing a Google-like search experience on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Tarik Dwiek
Head of Technology Alliances

Get up and searching fast

ThoughtSpot’s dynamic search architecture sits directly on top of Snowflake so you can interact with all of your live cloud data at the most granular level.

Pre-built industry solutions to
get you started

Snowflake Performance

360 degree visibility into Snowflake Cloud Data costs and query performance. Track how and where your users consume credits, and triage and resolve any performance bottlenecks.


Retail and CPG leaders can deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize supply chains, and make data-driven merchandising decisions.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Search to generate actionable insights on prescription sales and market share data for a fictional pharmaceutical company.

IT Ops

Drill anywhere to increase operational efficiencies across even the most complex IT environments. See it in action.

Bring your Snowpark models to life

Write the results of your Snowpark analytics functions to a table in Snowflake. Then, run live-query to visualize your advanced models and build sophisticated analytics scenarios in ThoughtSpot.

Try it for yourself with a ready-made code template on CodeSpot.

Sentiment analysis

Apply Amazon Beauty product review data to perform sentiment analysis, process data with Snowpark Python, and visualize results via ThoughtSpot.

Time series forecasting

Extract powerful insights from data to guide key business decisions and dramatically improve sales forecasting.

Predictive churn analysis

Use Snowflake, Snowpark Python, and machine learning in ThoughtSpot to uncover insights that guide strategic decisions.

Loyalty classification and RFM analysis

Understand customer relationships using Snowflake Snowpark Python, visualized and analyzed using ThoughtSpot.

Snowflake hits 99% of IT commit goals
with ThoughtSpot

See how Snowflake decreased IT backlog and increased time spent
on transformation IT initiatives by 20% with ThoughtSpot for
ServiceNow Analytics.

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