Bringing ThoughtSpot Directly to Google BigQuery with Embrace

At ThoughtSpot, we have always believed that anyone should be able to utilize their data and find insights to make better decisions, wherever and whenever those decisions are made.  For many of our customers, that meant helping them tap into data they had stored in the cloud. We knew it was critical to integrate our search and AI-driven analytics platform with modern data warehouses so our customers could leverage the power of ThoughtSpot with in-database ad hoc queries, directly in these cloud data warehouses, without having to move any data.

When we first started tinkering with the idea of integrating with cloud data warehouses, our primary goal was to ensure the familiar speed and intelligence the industry has come to expect from ThoughtSpot. We knew we couldn’t sacrifice or compromise this user experience. 

At the same time, demand from around the world for in-database querying for the largest cloud providers continued to build. Organizations in every sector, from every pocket of the world, wanted more choices when it came to putting search and AI analytics to work. So, we committed to making both our user experience and in-database query possible with the launch of Embrace, starting with Snowflake.

Bringing Embrace to Google Cloud

Today, we’re excited to announce Embrace has grown to include Google BigQuery, expanding the footprint for Embrace to Google Cloud customers. 

Embrace is more than just a feature for us at ThoughtSpot. It gives us new opportunities to work with companies who are making strategic moves to the cloud to transform how they use technology to drive business operations and performance.  With Embrace, our customers have flexibility in their deployment choices, whether it be to continue using our in-memory database Falcon for speed at scale, using Embrace as a more agile option for direct, in-database query, or most exciting - both! Embrace makes it easier for everyone in your organisation, regardless of their technical knowledge, to start using search and AI-driven analytics today.

Customers love the performance and cost savings of these modern data warehouses and we love enabling our customers to search using AI analytics. Embrace provides the best of both worlds, while making it easier for companies to:

  • Set up & deploy ThoughtSpot: Quickly evaluate ThoughtSpot’s platform by connecting directly to their external data warehouse, choosing the tables and fields they want to analyze, and start searching.

  • Eliminate the need to move data: Less data replication and movement provides greater flexibility for business analysts to model data faster, getting data into the business users hands faster than ever before.

  • Centralise data management and governance in their own data warehouses: Most companies have business logic and data governance rules built into their data warehouses. With Embrace, those joins, calculations, and views will persist into ThoughtSpot, giving users a more agile way of analyzing their data.

Once Embrace is enabled in your instance, all you need to do is:

  • Identify your use case and prepare data in your data warehouse according to the use case

  • Connect to the data warehouse using ThoughSpot’s UI and data warehouse access credentials for the identified dataset

Google BigQuery connection details.
  • Preview and select data which you want to connect to ThoughtSpot to analyse

Selecting tables in ThoughtSpot.
  • Start using our smart and intuitive search interface to find amazing insights from your data

A histogram of total customer IDs by account type in ThoughtSpot.


Ready to get started? Thought so. You can begin using Embrace for Snowflake and BigQuery with version 6.0.2 onwards. If you are on a lower version, we request you to upgrade.

  • New Customers: Request a custom demo here -

  • Existing Customers: Reach out to your Customer Success Representative and they will work with you to discuss contract, POC, and enablement of Embrace in your instance (v6.0.2 & above).

  • To learn more about the different ways you can connect your data to ThoughSpot, visit

In the upcoming releases, we plan to add both support for new cloud data warehouses and many exciting features to Embrace. It’s all in the name of helping our customers continue to get more value from their partnership with ThoughtSpot. Stay tuned for more!