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Connect to Data Your Way

Live query cloud data warehouses or speed up slow database queries with our in-memory cache.

Connect directly to the cloud

Live query your cloud data warehouse with ThoughtSpot Embrace.


Connect to leading cloud data warehouses in minutes



Preview and select data you want to analyze



Let ThoughtSpot automatically detect relationships and joins


Full-Value Index

Metadata and data values fully indexed so you can find anything


Connect to your data faster than ever

Run blazing fast queries in-memory

Speed up slow databases with ThoughtSpot Falcon in-memory calculation engine.

Connect Any Data

Bring any data into ThoughtSpot with ODBC/JDBC Interfaces.

Drag and Drop

Scale Easily upload spreadsheets, CSV's, or any other delimited file.

Fast Parallel Loader

Load large data files at speeds up to 1TB/hour.

Scale Out Infinitely

Instant answers on 100s of TBs of data.

JIT-compiled Queries

Speed query execution with runtime-generated machine code.

Predictive Query Caching

AI caches anticipated searches to further boost query speed.

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ThoughtSpot for Snowflake

Get granular insights from your cloud data platform via live-query.

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Works with modern Data Integration solutions

Talend is a cloud data integration leader that offers a single suite of cloud apps for data integration and data integrity to help enterprises collect, govern, transform, and share data.

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Alteryx is a modern, end-to-end analytics platform that enables analysts and data scientists alike to discover, share and prep data, perform analysis – statistical, predictive, prescriptive and spatial – and deploy and manage analytic models.

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"ThoughtSpot Embrace gives me a quick deployment schedule and opens up a ton of use cases for us to explore."

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