ThoughtSpot for Social Services Analytics

Citizens services today are moving from managing transactions to providing support for job placement, work readiness, and financial and healthcare support. These challenges are complex, and each state’s circumstances are unique. Being able to rapidly access the unprecedented amount of data, ask a question and move on with providing citizen support is critical to ensure top services for citizens.

Keeping up with data to increase the impact of social services

Each day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data from a variety of sources, such as purchase transaction records, healthcare medical images, scientific research findings, and social media messages. Keeping up with data analytics is a huge endeavor, but it can have positive outcomes for the health care and social services world.

Ref: *2.5 quintillion stat from

Improve social services programs by
answering questions with Search & AI

Social services use cases for search &
AI-driven analytics include

Matching citizens with programs and services

Analyzing services outcomes

Optimizing program performance

Identifying fraud, waste, and abuse